The squid game: Where to get the video game for FREE, unofficial from the series?

Squid Game, better known as The Squid Game, has become in a few weeks one of the most viewed series on the streaming platform Netflix. This series composed of 9 chapters, in its first season, managed to capture the attention of young and adult audiences around the world.

The squid game at first seems like a series with a familiar tone, however, when we are presented with more about the lives of the participants who risk their lives in each of the challenges, the story changes radically. The scoop revolves around a bunch of unknown people who compete in a series of children’s games, which are popular in Korea, but who won’t approach this part of the culture in a darker and more disturbing way.

The Squid Game

Less than a month after its premiere, fans around the world have recreated the costumes, shirts, settings and even some of the series’ levels through different independent, unofficial video games. On this occasion, a user who calls himself Dani has caught the attention on Steam thanks to the launch of his new title called Crab Game.

With the help of Steam’s section for independent developers, the user shared his new video game based on the popular series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk under the following description:

Crab Game is a first-person multiplayer in which you must go through several minigames inspired in turn by games for children, until only one of the players is victorious […] It’s definitely not based on any streaming platform Korean pop series, because that would get us in a lot of trouble, so we’re not doing any of that.

This new installment has been well received by community users on Steam, who have rated it positively, obtaining an approval of 92%. Until now, Crab Game reports more than 40,935 active users, a figure that continues to rise.

How to get the video game for free?

To play Crab Game, the name given to the video game based on the popular series of Netflix, just follow the following steps: The first thing you should do is log in, or otherwise create an account on Steam (this process does not generate any cost). Later, you must download and install the desktop application on a PC.

Last but not least, you will have to search for Crab Game in the store, or access this link to start playing it.


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