Beware of your accounts, fake courier scams are increasing

Société Générale is starting to warn its customers about a new type of fraud: fake courier scams. According to the banking establishment, these scams have increased in recent months. We will explain the procedure to you.

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After the registration scams reported by the government or these phishing attempts targeting Microsoft 365 users, it is Société Générale’s turn to alert its customers against a new type of scam.

Indeed, one of the members of the editorial staff received a warning email from the banking institution. Société Générale would like to warn users of a new type of fraud: fake courier scams. Here is the procedure.

Beware of fake courier scams

First of all, customers receive an SMS from an organization recognized as a public service (AMELI, CPAM, etc.) or a delivery company like Colissimo or UPS. In this fake text message, the user is asked to provide their personal and banking information. Once the form has been sent, the victim receives a second SMS which usurps the identity of Société Générale.

Hackers pretend to be trying to defraud your bank card. Using the information previously provided, the scammers then call their target pretending to be the bank’s Fraud department. Here, the scammer will try to convince you to send him your security code received by SMS or your Security Passused in particular to validate certain remote operations (transfer, increase the withdrawal limit, etc.).

A complex scam

But be careful, the deception goes even further. Now in possession of your physical address, the scammers then send an accomplice to your home, who will pose as a courier sent by Société Générale. According to the method described by the bank, this fake courier is responsible for recovering your supposedly compromised bank card. Via sleight of hand, he will try to believe you that he has destroyed the card before asking you for the secret code under the pretext of a security protocol.

If this scam can make you smile, given the multiple stages, we suspect that Société Générale must already decree victims to speak out on the subject. The banking establishment reminds you that it will never ask you:

  • the secret code and the details of your bank card (card number, expiry date and cryptogram)
  • account number
  • security code received by SMS
  • customer code or secret code to access your bank remotely

Furthermore, Société Générale or its partners never send couriers to collect your bank card, whether compromised or not.

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