The surprise of Apple Music that nobody expected

Apple Music has been and is, obviously, one of the most successful services of the Cupertino company, since in no time it has managed to stand up to the competition such as Spotify, opening a “war” that is still valid today. to see who is able to convince more users. Well, Apple had a surprise in store for this 2023, if you want to know what it is about, keep reading that we will tell you about it in this post.

One of the main attractions of a music service like Apple Music is playlists that it offers to users. On the Apple platform this is a maximum, in fact, all you have to do is check the large number of lists for different activities, moods and even important events. In addition, it also has the possibility of make personal lists for each user based on tastes, or at least, on the number of listeners they make over time. Well, the surprise has to do with this.

Apple Music on iPhone

Apple’s famous “Replay 2023” is now available

If you are Apple Music users, you surely know that the platform, when the month of November or December arrives, publishes the Replay of that year, the latter has played the Replay 2022, which consists of a personalized playlist for each user with the 100 songs you have listened to the most throughout that year. In this way you can really see what you like the most or, at least, what you have listened to the most through your headphones or speakers with complete certainty.

replay 2022

This is a practice that has been done for years, in fact, the competition, which is Spotify, is who really made it fashionable. Well, Apple did not want to stop there, and what it has done is give the concept of Replay one more spin. As a result, Apple Music users already have their Replay 2023 availableand it is that from now on, Apple will update this list every week, specifically on Sunday, with the list of songs that you listen to the most over timeso that when the month of December arrives, you will not have to “do” this popular list, but you will already have been doing it and, above all, enjoying it throughout the year.

Of course, you have to take into account that for Apple Music to provide you with this option, you have had to have listened to enough music for it. Otherwise, when the platform considers that you have already achieved it, you can find your Replay at the bottom of the “Listen Now” tab in Apple Musiceither on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Without a doubt, it is a very good idea to also be aware of which songs you listen to the most throughout the year, and not only when it is coming to an end, so that from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida we encourage you to include this list in your library and consult it periodically, if you have it available.

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