The use that you didn’t know about a smart plug and that helps you save electricity

Surely, if you think of a smart plug, the first thing that comes to mind is being able to control devices. You will be able to manage any device remotely, from your mobile, no matter where you are. But could I help you save on the electricity bill? We are going to talk to you about a very specific case, in which you could use this type of device to consume less electricity. You will see that it is simple and, most likely, you can do it at home.

You can use different strategies to save energy at home. You can choose to regulate the temperature better, change the way you use some appliances, or fill the washing machine and dishwasher more. But there is something that we do not always take into account and it can save you over 10%: phantom consumption.

A plug with WiFi saves electricity

How does a WiFi plug help you save electricity and control phantom consumption? You can achieve this by connecting devices to it and being able to turn them off more easily. Many energy saving experts believe that one of the reasons why we do not focus as much on phantom consumption is the difficulty of accessing certain outlets. For example, you may have the television connected to a socket behind a piece of furniture and it is not easy to constantly disconnect it from the power. The same if you have other devices around.

A smart plug, or better yet if you use one power strip with WiFi, it will allow you to connect here that television and those devices that will be constantly consuming. Instead of always having to disconnect them manually, something that can be complicated due to what we have explained or even something that we simply forget, you will be able to use a smart plug for this.

Enough with enter the app from your mobile and disconnect the devices. When you need to use TV again, for example, you’ll just have to enable it again on your phone. All that time that you are not at home, that you are not going to use certain devices, you will be saving electricity by not consuming that Stand By.

You can apply this to many areas of the home. Another clear example is the kitchen, where you can have appliances that always consume some light, such as the microwave clock. You will be able to connect these devices there and prevent them from consuming electricity when you are not really using them.

They consume little energy

You may wonder if a smart plug is not going to be another example of phantom consumption. The truth is that yes, since it is a device that will need some electricity to operate. However, it is a device that consumes really little, especially if you have a modern, quality model.

Therefore, it is profitable to install a smart plug or power strip if your goal is avoid phantom consumption which means, for example, a television. You will be able to plug it in and forget about whether it is behind furniture or in an area that is difficult to access. All you have to do is access your mobile, through the app, to be able to control it.

In short, as you see using a smart plug It can be very useful for the objective of saving energy. You can take advantage of it to connect certain devices there that may be difficult to turn off and on constantly. You will reduce phantom consumption. It is important to have good coverage, so you will have to take advantage of the router’s two Wi-Fi bands.

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