The Xbox Series X mini-fridge already has a starting date and price

What started as a little joke to counteract the memes that compared the Xbox Series X to a refrigerator, creating a full-size replica for Snoop Dogg, ended up leading to the not-so-fictional announcement of the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge at E3 2021. So, after almost falling into oblivion, Microsoft has finally just announced that your mini-fridge will be available for this Christmas, revealing all the details about your reservation date, availability and prices.

As expected given its name, the design of this mini fridge is none other than that of the Xbox Series X itself, yes, with a cooling system much higher than that of the Microsoft console. Thus, we will find the same black rectangular shape for its body, with a front that will even imitate the slots and buttons of the console, and an upper part with green finishes that will imitate the ventilation system of the console, yes, in this case colored instead of with an LED lighting system. A color that will also be present throughout the internal structure of the mini-fridge.

And is that this small appliance will have enough space to cool and store up to twelve beverage cans on the main shelves and the extra spaces of your door. Although this is not its only quality. And it is focused on gamers, of course, this mini-fridge has some unique additions, with a practical USB port on the front with which we can charge our devices.

The refrigerator will be available for sale through Target stores in the United States and Canada at a price of $ 99.99; Toynk, Game Stop and Micromania stores in Europe, with a price of 99 euros; and Game stores for the UK, starting at £ 89.99.

So the Xbox Series X mini-fridge It can be booked from October 19, 2021, and it will begin shipping around December 2021, initially arriving just in time for the Christmas season.

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