The Xiaomi Book Pro 16 of 2022 combines 4K, Intel Alder Lake and RTX 2050

In addition to the new line of smartphones, the 2022 generation of laptops Xiaomi Book Pro with 14 and 16-inch screens They have also made an appearance to renew on this front, and it is that the company of Chinese origin has been trying for years to go beyond the sector for which it is known: that of mobile phones and small devices such as wearables.

The new generation of Xiaomi Book Pro laptops incorporates high-resolution OLED touch screens with a slim chassis, Intel processors and they also have the Intel Evo certification, which is reserved for quality ultrabooks. In the case of the model with a 16-inch screen, it is the most powerful laptop that the brand has launched on the market to date.

Regarding the characteristics of the screen, both the 14-inch and 16-inch models are OLEDs created by Xiaomi itself and cover 100% of the sRGB and CPI-P3 color spectra, they are tactile, they have support for Dolby Vision, are protected with Gorilla Glass, work with an aspect ratio of 16:10 and cover 90% of the laptop’s space. The 16-inch screen supports 4K resolution and has the DisplayHDR 400 certification of Vega, while that of 14-inch runs at a native resolution of 2880×2160 pixels and is Vesa DisplayHDR 500 certified.

After exposing the not inconsiderable screens of the new Xiaomi Book Pro, internally they can include a processor Intel Core i5-1240P or Intel Core i7-1260P along with 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 512GB of PCIe 4 SSD for internal storage for data (to which the operating system must be counted). At the graphic level there is a dual configuration. On the one hand we have the integrated Xe of the processor, but on the other, the model with a screen of 16 inches can incorporate an NVIDIA RTX 2050 graphicswhile the one on the screen of 14 inches can additionally bring a GeForce MX 550 or the aforementioned RTX 2050.

The battery varies in each model, which is logical if we take into account that the energy consumption is not the same and that the screen is one of the components that consumes the most in a laptop, if not the most. The Xiaomi Book Pro with a 16-inch screen has a 70Wh screen, while the variant with a 14-inch screen includes a 56Wh screen. Both are charged through the USB Type-C interface.

Obviously, both teams have Windows 11 as the operating system. They also have a backlight keyboard and a glass trackpad with gesture support that uses an X-axis linear motor for haptic feedback. The weight of the large model is approximately 1.8 kilograms, while that of the small one is about 1.5 kilograms.

Both laptops are available in china. The base price of the model with a 16-inch screen without dedicated graphics is 6,499 yuan (about 930 euros), while the basic variant of the model with a 14-inch screen costs 5,899 yuan (about 845 euros). For now they are available in China and we currently have no evidence of their marketing in Europe.

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