There is hope: the head of IMAX denies the delay of Dune 2

Difficult times are coming for the industry due to the strike of actors and screenwriters and everything seemed to indicate that not even the very Dunes: Part 2 he was going to get rid of it. Or maybe yes. The person in charge of IMAX has spoken about it with statements that undoubtedly restore hope for Villeneuve’s film (and for all his followers). We tell you what exactly he said.

A delay for 2024?

The scriptwriters’ and actors’ strike that the movie mecca is experiencing is making quite a dent in the industry and threatens not to change in the coming months. This will undoubtedly cause endless delays (and more than one cancellation, for sure) of series and films that were in the pipeline, were in full development or were even already finished waiting for their release.

Among the latter is Dunes: Part 2. The second installment of Denis Villeneuvewhich comes to close the main story of the famous book by Frank Herbert is scheduled, in principle, for the November 3However, a publication in the specialized media Variety recently warned that it would possibly move to 2024.

Rebecca Ferguson in Dune: Part 2

The reason? The impossibility, on the part of its actors, of being able to make the promotion that it deserves a million-dollar production like this, an absence that would be terribly harmful in view of its coming-out in theaters.

Everything seemed to indicate that it was a matter of little before his official announcement was made. postponement, however, the biggest heavyweight in IMAX theaters (where Dune 2 will also be released) has come to the fore deny this information.

“This article is false”

That’s how resounding Richard Gelfond has been, CEO of IMAX, during the company’s last earnings call. According to the manager, it ishighly unlikely» to be delayed, an opinion formed based on everything he knows about the tape.

Gelfond has also confirmed that the Canadian director has already made the relevant presentations about the film in the company and an agreement has been reached to play the film for 5 or 6 weeks in its theaters.

Zendaya in a Dune: Part 2 teaser image

In addition to the fact that the IMAX CEO himself would be aware of the possibility of a delay in a premiere like this, the manager points out that Warner Bros. itself has told him that the exclusive article from Variety «it isn’t true«, so that he firmly believes that he is not going to move.

With such data in favor and from the core of the tape, the truth is that even we believe it. Hopefully I’m right…

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