These are the countries with the highest Internet speed

Countries with the best mobile internet

Possibly a few years ago having a large mobile internet speed it wasn’t so necessary. We didn’t really take advantage of it. But things have changed a lot. Today, using applications such as Netflix or YouTube to watch videos, share files in the cloud, download or surf the web is very common from anywhere. This has made having devices with a good connection essential.

Although the speed has improved remarkably, there are still problems in many cases to achieve a good connection. Normally it happens due to the lack of coverage or that we only have 3G in certain areas. Now, there are notable differences between one nation and another.

According to the latest Ookla report, which shows which countries have the best mobile internet today, the average download speed is 29.96 Mbps and upload speed is 8.70 Mbps. But if we look at the top 3 countries with the highest speed, number 1 is occupied by United Arab Emirates with an average speed of 135.35 Mbps and an upload speed of 22.61 Mbps.

But it’s not very far Norwaywith a speed of 134.73 Mbps and an upload speed of 18.38 Mbps. qatar it is the third country that closes the podium; in this case it has 120.69 Mbps download and 21.94 Mbps upload (it beats Norway in this case). As you can see, at least for now the difference between download and upload speed is still quite important.

The following countries on the list with South Korea, Netherlands, Denmark Y Saudi Arabia. All of them exceed 100 Mbps download. In the case of the South Korean country, the average speed is 117.95 Mbps and 13.63 Mbps upload. For their part, the Netherlands and Denmark have speeds of 108.33 and 105.65 Mbps, while the upload is 15.84 and 19.23 Mbps, respectively. Saudi Arabia is very close with 102.79 Mbps and 17.55 Mbps upload.

They close the top 10 Kuwaitwith 96.23 Mbps and 22.05 Mbps; Bulgariawith 87.51 and 17.27 Mbps; Croatiawith 86.48 and 18.79 Mbps.

Spain, in position 55

If you wonder where it is Spain In this list of countries with the highest mobile Internet speed, Spain is in position 55. Specifically, it has an average download speed of 34.26 Mbps. Although it is above the average, which is 29.96 Mbps, it is far from the data we have seen in the top 10 countries.

Other countries that we can highlight are Chinawith a current average speed of 83.43 Mbps, USA with 61.12Mbps, France with 60.94Mbps or Portugal with 64.30 Mbps. At the moment there are 7 countries that exceed 100 Mbps on average download. In all likelihood, that figure will increase in the coming months, with an ever-increasing rise of 5G. You can always have tips to improve the Internet on your mobile.

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