These are the most expensive LEGOs you can buy right now

The most expensive LEGOs

The price of some of these sets are frankly surprising, but we must bear in mind that behind these constructions there are extremely complex designs that come accompanied by licenses for which you have to pay. This is especially reflected in the sets with the Star Wars hallmark, models that usually occupy the highest positions of the table.

Millennium falcon

The Millennium Falcon is the most expensive set that we can find in the official LEGO store. It is such a precious set that it is very difficult to find online, so the best option is to look for stock in official LEGO stores. Some located in large cities of the world usually have units available. It has a total of 7,541 pieces and the result is spectacular.

Price: 799.99 euros

Imperial Star Destroyer

LEGO Star Destroyer

Another extremely popular set that once again features the official Star Wars seal. The official LEGO online store has units available, but you must be very attentive to stock since it is usually a highly coveted product. The total number of pieces is 4,784 blocks, so you will have a lot of work ahead of you.

Price: 699.99 euros


Lego colosseum

Third place on the table is a relatively new set, as not long ago LEGO introduced the incredible set inspired by the Roman Colosseum. Its peculiarity is that it is the set with the largest number of pieces in the entire LEGO catalog, since with its 9,036 pieces it is a construction that you can hardly disassemble.

Price: 499.99 euros

Cat D11 Bulldozer

Lego excavator

This excavator has a crawler system, a drag shovel, a cabin and even a ladder to climb. With a total of 3,854 pieces, its main attraction is that it has a remote control system managed from a mobile application, so it has a very interesting technological point.

Price: 449.99 euros

Liebherr R 9800 Excavator

Lego excavator

Another set inspired by the world of construction ranks fifth among the most expensive LEGO sets. With 4,108 pieces, this excavator is a replica of the original model, offering a boom and a bucket that we can control perfectly from our mobile phone.

Price: 449.99 euros

Hogwarts castle

Harry Potter Castle LEGO

Another one that could not miss the appointment is this impressive castle taken from the Harry Potter universe. The most famous school of magic in the world has its own recreation in this 6,020-piece set that will allow you to enjoy details such as the moxeador willow, the Great Hall, the corners of the corridors, Hagrid’s cabin and even the Chamber of Secrets.

Price: 429.99 euros

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