These are the problems of using a WiFi repeater at home

Problems that may appear when using a Wi-Fi repeater

Note that not all repeaters are the same, so there will be cases in which you can improve the signal, while in others you will see that everything remains the same or is even worse. In addition, there are alternatives to improve the Wi-Fi connection and have coverage throughout the house without problems.

The signal sometimes does not improve

The first problem is that sometimes Wi-Fi signal does not improve. The goal is to get coverage to better reach places where there are problems. For example, to be able to connect a television that is in a dead zone, where the signal reaches very weak or even does not reach. But sometimes this is not possible and we still do not fix the error.

Why is this happening? In many cases it happens because it is too far from the router. The wireless repeater does not receive a good signal and this means that it cannot offer a proper connection to the rest of the devices. It also happens to be using a poor quality device, with many limitations.

speed problems

Another common problem is to see that the speed is not good. We want to connect the television to watch streaming videos or a computer to download faster, but we find that the speed problems are still there. It’s a bit similar to the previous point, as it may be related to the signal.

This can also occur because you are using a repeater that is not dual band and has speed limitations. For example, it is common to find devices that do not work beyond 300 Mbps or even less. In this case, your wireless connection might not be any better than connecting directly to the router.

Using a Wi-Fi repeater correctly

latency increases

You should also keep in mind that it is quite normal for the connection latency to increase. Many repeaters do not have the necessary quality to prevent the ping increase excessively and that will affect many tasks that we carry out in our day to day. It is something that you have to control, just like speed.

For example, if you have high latency, you will have problems playing online or making video calls. You may notice cuts and you will have to find a way to solve the problem to use certain applications.

They saturate when connecting many devices

One more problem that you may have if you use a Wi-Fi repeater at home is that they tend to saturate easily. Routers have greater capacity to connect more devices and that problems do not appear. On the other hand, many repeaters are more limited and some even start to give problems as soon as we connect 3 or 4 devices.

The best thing to avoid being saturated is to choose a guarantee repeater. That will help you improve the connection and be able to connect numerous devices without having so many problems in the network. You can have Internet throughout the house without the typical errors.

As you can see, Wi-Fi repeaters are devices that may seem useful to improve the connection at home, but it is important to keep in mind that sometimes this is not possible. You must choose very well which equipment to use and configure it correctly so as not to have coverage or speed problems.

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