These are the reasons why iTunes crashes the most

Here’s how to fix these common glitches

The most common on Mac

The first bug that you can find on your Mac is that iTunes version is not supported with your version of the operating system. Therefore it is advisable that you go to the App Store and look for a possible new version of it that you can install on your computer.

It is also possible that iTunes is no longer on your version of macOS and it is that from ’10 .15 ‘(Catalina) onwards, this software has disappeared to now be in various apps (Music, TV, Podcast and Finder). In any case, it is advisable that you also update macOS to the most recent version that your computer can support.

In Windows you should check this

As we mentioned previously for Mac, it is possible that your Windows PC has an old version of iTunes or that it is not directly supported by your computer. It is advisable in any case that remove it and reinstall it. For this we advise you to always download it from the official Apple website, where you can also check with which version of Windows and types of PC this program is compatible.

On both operating systems

In the end, the most common problems of this program reside in both systems, both macOS and Windows. If what happens is that iTunes does not recognize the iPhone or any other device, it is advisable that you check the connection ports, both of the equipment itself and of the computer. It is even advisable that you restart both to reset all the background processes.

An also very frequent cause of iTunes crashes is that the date and time are not correct, even for a few minutes. If you do not have these options automatically configured or even with those there is no accuracy, we advise you to configure it manually and in this way do not create conflicts with Apple software.

date and time mac

You should also make sure that iTunes is available in your region, since there are some territories in which it does not work. And, of course, another common and very relevant cause is that you have a bad internet connection and even that you do not have, so you should always check that you have a good internet to be able to access the online content of the platform.

Contacting Apple may be an option

If your problem is out of the common and you can’t find the solution, contacting Apple is always a good option. A specialist will be able to attend to your request and help you solve the problem so that you can use iTunes normally again regardless of whether you are using a brand computer or a PC with the Microsoft operating system.

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