These are the requirements to apply for early retirement: this is how you do it online

When we reach a certain age and have been contributing for a good number of years, it is time to retire, a quite important process for many people. Initially today we will have to turning 67 so we can retire. But with everything and with it, if we meet a series of requirements, we can advance all this. Actually, we are referring to the possibility of benefiting from early retirement, as long as we meet a series of requirements that we will see below.

As you can imagine, not everyone can access it and it is something about which the Social Security he’s pretty much in control. In addition, it is something that we can request comfortably from home, specifically from our internet browser, in a matter of minutes.

Requirements to access early retirement

A little later you will have the possibility to see how to make this request from home through your PC. But in order not to waste time, it is important to know the requirements that we must meet to access all of this. The first thing we should know is that Social Security here applies a series of reduction coefficients. Obviously these vary depending on how old we are at this moment and the years quoted.

Another section that we must take into account and that affects this application is whether we are talking about voluntary or involuntary retirement. For example, in the event that we have recently lost our job, it would be the second modality. Here the law says that we can access early retirement if we have lost our job four years before the period established by law, that is, 63. But that is not all, since it is also essential that we have quoted at least 33 years.

On the other hand, in the event that it is a voluntary retirement, we can request early retirement up to two years before the stipulated age, 65 years at the moment. To this we must add that we must know quoted at least 35 years. Similarly, once the corresponding reductions for early retirement have been applied, the resulting pension must exceed the minimum.

How can I order it online?

Well, in the event that we comply with the requirements mentioned, to request this early retirement we only have to access the website of the Electronic Office of Social Security. Here we are in the section called Citizens, and in the panel that appears we opt for Pensions.

retirement pensions

In the list that appears below we only have to locate the link called National Retirement, where we click. Now is when it is time to officially identify ourselves with one of the methods supported here. This is something we can accomplish through the Cl@ve system permanent or with electronic ID.

permanent key

Now we only have to fill in the personal information that the Social Security website will ask us to see if we have the possibility of accessing that early retirement. Once all this information has been filled in, we will have to wait, since the response can take up to a maximum of 3 months.

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