These fan theories about your favorite movies will blow you away

Obviously, Thor and Captain America. Everyone else that comes into contact with the hammer of the god is nailed to the ground and cannot move it an inch.

But if you give the play In the video above, you will see something that everyone has missed except a few fans. Peter Parker comes into contact with Mjölnir (through his cobwebs, yes) and the hammer runs its course on Avengers: Endgame.

According to these fans, that would mean that, at least in the MCU, Spider-Man could wield Thor’s hammer.

2. The protagonists of El Club de la lucha are …

The ones you least expect, Calvin and hobbes, the legendary protagonists of Bill Waterson’s comic.

Seriously. The hypothesis of some Internet users says that Calvin has grown up and lives trapped in a job with no way out, so he goes back to doing his thing, but instead of imagining Hobbes in tiger form, he becomes Tyler Durden.

After all, he is no longer a child and his imagination tries to face reality in a much more “adult” way.

Another point of connection would be that the Fight Club they create is based on their GROSS club (Get Rid of Slimy girlS) of childhood.

3. Mary Poppins graduated as a babysitter at… Hogwarts?

Reddit user BiggsyBig argues that Mary Poppins works for the Ministry of Magic. His role would be to travel around England finding children who could be future Hogwarts students.

In addition, their job is also to familiarize them with the magical world and, while denying all the fantastic events that it causes to the rest of the world. Muggles.

According to this theory, Poppins does not appear in the books because, obviously, Voldemort himself killed her before the events of Harry Potter.

Um, ok, BiggsyBig, whatever you say …

4. Nick Fury and the killer Jules from Pulp Fiction are the same person

Let’s see, of course, they are both Samuel L. Jackson. But there are also those who claim that Jules, after his career as a murderer, makes amends and fights against evil by assuming the identity of Nick Fury and taking the lead of SHIELD.

The theory is very taken by the curly hair of Jules, and there is little else except the fact that they are obviously identical in the two cinematic universes and that no one hesitates.

But… Have you noticed the image of Nick Fury’s grave that we have put for you? Because that’s the SHIELD leader’s favorite verse and what it is … Ezekiel 25:17, the same unforgettable response that Jules fury intones in Pulp fiction.

5. John Wick is Neo from the Matrix

John Wick is Neo

The Matrix 4 trailer, with a Neo nailed to John Wick, already made us hesitate. But this theory was already running among fans of the saga for a long time.

After all, Neo and Morpheus appear in both films, John and Neo seem invincible and, in addition, there are certain phrases like: «What do you need? Weapons, many weapons. These are repeated in both sagas and would not be a tribute, but a taste of how the Matrix reboots over and over again.

Also, John Wick 3 ends with John / Neo talking to Morpheus / King Bowery, asking if he’s pissed off and wants to defeat the High Table / The Matrix machines.

The same cycle again. Clearer, water.

So the next Matrix 4 would actually be John Wick 4 and when the real John Wick 4 is released in 2022 it will be equivalent to Matrix 5. Or some similar headache, I don’t know anymore. Anyway, it’s always better than the theory that Neo is a dog …

The truth is that these hypotheses are crazy, but, after reading them, you begin to connect some pieces with the screws that their creators have dropped. What do our favorite movies really hide from us?

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