These great bulbs with motion sensor help you save light

Home automation is present in many devices of our day to day. It helps us with everyday tasks and we can automate things. In addition, we can even save on the electricity bill. In this article we are going to focus on talking about the motion sensor smart bulbs. You will see that not all are the same and having this function can be very useful for your home and it will also help you turn off less in some cases.

Smart bulbs with motion sensor

What is a motion sensor bulb? It is basically a light bulb with Wi-Fi, which also has a sensor that allows it to detect when there is presence. For example, it can turn on when we enter a room or turn off by itself when it detects that there is no one in that room.

exist motion sensors that you can link to the bulbs. There are also smart switches of this type. But in the case of bulbs with Wi-Fi that have this built-in feature, you won’t need to install anything else. You will be able to configure them so that they turn on when they detect that you are passing through a place. In addition, they are cheap. Let’s show some examples.

One option is this etrogo model. It comes in a pack of two units of motion sensor bulbs. They are perfect to install in garages, in a corridor, a basement, etc. You will not have to press any switch to turn them on, since they are activated when they detect movement. It is very easy to install and works like any other light bulb.

Another alternative is this pack, also with two bulbs, model extrastar. They have an infrared sensor to detect when you enter or leave a room. This allows the light to be turned on or off without doing anything else, without having to press any buttons.

these bulbs bonlux They are another option so that they turn on when they detect movements. They have an integrated sensor and come in a pack of two units. You can place them in the areas where you need them to turn on or off without having to press any switch.

Why you can save light

Do motion sensor light bulbs really save light? It is true that current light bulbs have a much lower consumption than older ones had a few years ago. But even so, using models that have a built-in motion sensor can cause pay less on the electricity bill.

For example, think of a corridor through which people often pass. For example in a common area, an office area or simply the hallway at home. Instead of always having to turn on the light and it can remain longer than necessary, for example if you forget to turn it off, a sensor of this type will make you spend just enough. You may not notice it much if you only use one bulb in a certain area, but you will in a larger space.

However, in order to save energy, it is better that you use connected appliances correctly. For example, that you configure the program of the washing machine, the dishwasher, the air conditioning correctly… After all, these are the devices that consume the most. To do this, you can connect us to your network and control them remotely, although you must avoid intruders in the Wi-Fi network and have no problems.

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