Amazon plummets the price of this 10TB hard drive perfect for your NAS

The NAS servers They are one of the devices most in demand by users due to all the possibilities they provide us. Currently, domestic NAS allow us to make backup copies of all our PCs, download and store multimedia content, set up our own Netflix using programs like Plex Media Server, and we can even set up our home automation system with Home Assistant to turn our home into intelligent. In order to do all this, it is necessary to buy large capacity hard drives, depending on the NAS model, we can have two or more bays. If you need more storage on your computer, today we bring you a really good offer.

When we buy a NAS server with two or more bays, we must take into account how much effective capacity we need, because depending on the type of RAID we configure, we will have a higher capacity or a lower capacity. The most normal thing is to install a total of three or four hard drives, as long as our NAS has four bays, and the RAID type is RAID 5. This means that the capacity of a hard drive is used for checksum. For this reason, it is important to buy large-capacity hard drives, so as not to fall short at any given time.

Offer on this 10TB hard drive for servers

Today at Amazon we have a significant discount on the Hitachi Ultrastar HE10 hard drive, this hard drive is SATA 3 and has a 10TB capacity. Taking into account the price of €133, each TB of capacity costs €13, making it a real bargain. Also, a very important aspect of this hard drive model is that it is specifically designed for servers and NAS, so it can be permanently on without any problem. Thanks to this feature, we can have the NAS or server running continuously so that it is always available.

You can access this offer below:

In the following screenshot, you can see the price of €133:

If you buy two or more drives of this hard drive, you will be able to form different RAID types in order to avoid loss of information if one of them breaks. Next, we give you a brief reminder of the different RAIDs that we can configure if our NAS has four bays (and we fill the four bays with hard drives of the same capacity). In the event that all hard drives were like this 10TB capacity model, we would have:

  • RAID 0: the necessary disks are two, effective capacity of 20TB, we do not have any type of protection against the failure of a disk, we would lose everything.
  • RAID 1: the necessary disks are two, effective capacity of 10TB, we have protection against the failure of a disk.
  • RAID 5: The necessary disks are three or more, effective capacity of 20TB with three disks, we have protection against the failure of one disk.
  • RAID 6: the necessary disks are four, effective capacity of 20TB with four disks, we have protection against two disk failures.

The most common type of RAID in domestic environments is RAID 5, since it will allow us a very good capacity and protection against the breakage of one of the disks.

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