These Simpsons x Adidas sneakers are the best thing you’ll see today

The part for the whole: the shoes that pay homage to Marge Simpsons

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The Serie ‘Adidas Superstars: The Simpsons‘ has a new member. It is an edition with a funniest design, since the entire shoe has been covered with blue fleece —a type of slightly treated and very fluffy wool that is usually used for lining and insulation for jackets— that simulates the mother’s hair of Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

A shoe for children with recycled materials

adidas sneaker

According to Adidas, they have used a 50% recycled materials for the elaboration of the product. The footwear has the figure of the character on the sides. The rest of the shoe is quite simple, with a white toe and sole, a heel with the Adidas and The Simpsons logos, and white laces.

In this case, the model has been reserved For the smallest of the house, since no adult variants have been released for sale at the moment. All the luck for them, because a slipper covered with wool must be the warmest thing you can put on your feet now that winter is approaching.

Price and availability

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Marge’s new Adidas Superstars: The Simpsons sneakers are now available on the Adidas website. As usual in these cases, they have limited availability, so it is possible that they sell out and not be replenished after stocks run out.

Depending on the model, it has a cost of 70 or 75 euros. The set of sizes goes from 19 to 36. The same goes for the Superstar 360 sneaker, a fairly similar model that has the design of Snowball, Lisa’s cat – or cats, rather.

The public is right. This model should exist!

Shortly after this shoe model was published, there was a comment that was quite recurrent and we liked it a lot. So much so, that not only are we surprised that it does not exist, but also, we believe that it could be the next Adidas x The Simpsons design to be released.

Because making a fluffy slipper with Marge’s hair is genius, but… And what about a slipper from Homer stuck in the bushes? How many people would be willing to pay to carry one of the funniest memes of the entire series on their feet?

There it is our concept design made in photoshop, in case someone did not have in mind what we were imagining. Will they release this model? Have we given Adidas a great idea without realizing it?

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