Galaxy Z Fold 4: its complete technical sheet leaked months before the release

That’s it, we know almost everything about the technical data sheet of the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Thanks to the leaker Yogesh Brar who has already proven reliable several times in the past, we already have an overview of the components that will will propel the next foldable smartphone, even though its release will not take place for several months.

It has now been several weeks since the Galaxy Z Fold 4 has been the subject of repeated leaks, especially in terms of its design. Until now, these concerned isolated elements of the foldable smartphone, but this Monday, May 30, the leaker Yogesh Brar published a complete summary of the technical sheet of the latter. Note that this leak has everything to be credible. On the one hand, Yogesh Brar has proven to be reliable many times in the past. On the other hand, most of the information disclosed consistent with previous leaks.

So let’s start with what will not change compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Thus, Yogesh Brar explains that the size of the screens will remain the same on its successor, namely 7.6 inches inside and 6.2 inches outside. In addition, we will always be on OLED technology with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Same story on the side of the battery which will remain 4400 mAh compatible with 25W chargingwhich is in line with previous leaks.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is revealed in every detail

Let’s move on to the processor, which will be a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, as claimed by another leak in early May. It is therefore a small improvement over the Snapdragon 888 of the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Another improvement, Samsung will offer a version 16 GB RAMwhere the current model goes up to 12 GB. On the storage side, we will find the traditional versions 256 GB and 512 GB.

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The most notable upgrade will probably be in the photo. We should find a triple sensor at the back, of which a 50 MP main, where that of the Z Fold is 12 MP. A 12 MP ultra-wide-angle and x3 optical sensor each will accompany the latter. As for the selfie sensor, it will be 16 MP, much more than the 4 MP of its predecessor. Yogesh Brar does not advance on the price of the smartphone, but it should fall again this year.

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