This 55-inch 4K TV offers QLED and Mini LED for less than 900 €

[Le Deal du Jour] Even better than QLED: QLED combined with Mini LED. The TCL 55C825 television offers both at the same time and benefits from a nice reduction at Boulanger, where it goes from 1390 euros to 899 euros thanks to a promotion coupled with an ODR.

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TV brands are constantly looking to develop alternatives to OLED, which is the best display technology yet, thanks to endless contrasts and deep blacks. But this technology comes at a (very big) price. Fortunately, some manufacturers are trying to approach this ideal while keeping prices contained. This is the case of TCL, which offers its QLED 55C825 TV which has Mini LED technology, which ensures well-defined contrasts and very beautiful brightness. Another good point: its price is currently falling, and not just a little.

Usually offered at 1,390 euros, then at a reduced price to 999 euros, the QLED TCL 55C825 Mini LED TV costs 899 euros at Boulanger thanks to an ODR (until September 30).

The 55-inch TCL C825 QLED and Mini LED TV.

To better understand the offer

  • What does the Mini LED bring in this QLED TCL 55C825 TV?

Concretely, Mini LED televisions have LCD display technology and include LEDs in their backlighting system that are much smaller than the LEDs traditionally used. It is therefore possible to place a larger quantity and cover more areas. Thus, the backlighting is more precise, the contrasts much more defined, the peak brightness clearly improved, as well as the depth of blacks. In addition, the effect of blooming (this unpleasant light halo effect around bright objects on a dark background) will be considerably reduced. In short, enough to try to approach a little OLED, without being its equal. But we can still enjoy very good image quality.

  • If not, what are the other main features of this TV?

Besides the Mini LED, this QLED TV has other advantages. First, its 55-inch diagonal will be very comfortable and can adapt to any type of interior, especially if you want a television of a reasonable size in your home. In addition, the screen has a beautiful finesse, which gives it a rather nice elegance.

The TV also displays 4K UHD definition and supports HDR 10, HDR10 +, and even Dolby Vision content. The sound is ensured by Dolby Atmos for an immersive result and a very vast audio, but not only: this TV integrates an Onkyo front soundbar. On the refresh rate side, we will be entitled to 100 Hz, which is the assurance of a beautiful fluidity of the images. Regarding its operating system, this TV will run on Android TV, which will provide all the flagship applications.

And if you want to use your TV like a giant Face Time, it will be possible thanks to its 1080p wide-angle camera, compatible with Google Duo. A rather significant addition.

If you are looking for a TV to watch your series and movies, but also to play, then you are making the right choice by betting on this TCL. It is equipped with 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, which will allow 4K @ 120 images per second and offers VRR, i.e. a variable refresh rate, which prevents the phenomenon of tearing, or screen tearing. Above all, this TV will therefore be perfectly compatible with the PS5 and the Xbox Series X.

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