This is how I managed to recover a damaged Word file on which my future depended

Microsoft Word is the most widely used tool in the world to create documents for our work or studies. Although there are interesting free alternatives to Word, it is still preferred. Also, unlike other alternatives, Word allows us to recover documents that have been damaged because of a hard drive failure, when copying to other drives, after removing a virus from your computer, or for any other reason, tools that are not available in virtually any other application.

Although we can also make use of other tools available on the market to repair corrupt files, when it comes to Word documents, the best option is always to use the tool that it makes available to us, since we will ensure that we always obtain the best results .

If when opening a Word document, it shows us a message informing us that the file is unreadable and that it cannot open it, it will invite us to check if we have permissions to edit the file or the drive where it is located and to make sure we have enough memory to open the document (especially if the file takes up a lot of space). The solution to this problem is as simple as following the steps that we show you below, as long as the problem is not related to those reasons.

Recover damaged Word file

The first thing to do is open Word on your computer and click on File and then click on Open. In the section on the right, we click on the Browse button and go to the location where the file that we cannot access is located. We select it with the mouse by clicking (not twice) and we go to the Open button to click on the options that Word offers us to open the document. Among all the options that are displayed, we must select the option open and repair.

Recover damaged Word file

Depending on the size of the file, this process may take more or less time. Word will not inform us if it has finally been able to recover the file and will only show us the document after recovering it so that we can check if the operation has been successful. If we manage to open it, the document is most likely complete and we are not missing anything.

And if it doesn’t work

If Word is not able to recover the file, it is most likely that it is located in a damaged sector of the disk, so, previously, we must analyze the computer and repair the errors found in Windows using the tool chkdsk (Check Disk) accompanied by the /s command to detect and repair all the bad sectors that our hard drive may have.

chkdsk /f

This tool is available through the command line, so first of all, we must access CMD with administrator permissions, since they are necessary for this application to be able to repair the damages it finds during its analysis. Once the process has finished, we must reopen the Word document through the option open and repair as we have shown in the previous section.

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