This is how they use the mail to sneak ransomware, but you can avoid it

How they use email to sneak ransomware

Ransomware can arrive through a simple file. For example a Word, Excel or PDF document. Cybercriminals are going to put this type of malware there and try to get the victim to open it to infect the computer. This is when the ransomware is actually executed and the problem of encrypting the files starts.

But how exactly do they use email to deliver ransomware? What they do is send an attached file, which can be one of those that we have named. are going to use some strategy to get the victim’s attention. For example, saying that it is an unpaid invoice, an important document that you have to read, some change in the employment contract…

To make this more believable they are going to impersonate identity of an organization or company. If, for example, they are going to say that it is an error that has occurred in the Facebook account, they are going to impersonate this social network. This includes the name, logo, etc. They will show a supposed file that must be downloaded and where all the information to solve the problem will be.

Opening that document is when the attack starts. The ransomware will run and start encrypting files or the system itself. You will not be able to access documents that you have saved and you may lose important information. Cybercriminals will ask for a financial ransom in exchange for you to get all the content back.

What to do to be protected

So what can we do to avoid ransomware? You can take into account certain tips that we are going to give and in this way avoid that these types of threats sneak in through e-mail. It will not only come in handy against ransomware, but also against other threats that also compromise your system.

The most important is not make mistakes. We have seen ransomware sneak in via email through files they send. Never open a document if you don’t know exactly who is sending it. Always try to verify the source of emails and never risk trusting any stranger.

It is also a good idea to use security programs. A good antivirus will undoubtedly help prevent a wide variety of attacks. In the event that you accidentally click and download a malicious file, your security software may issue a warning message and even remove it before it acts on your computer.

On the other hand, having the latest versions and updates It’s fundamental. In many cases, ransomware will exploit a system vulnerability. If you install the patches and updates you will be able to correct those errors and you will prevent them from compromising the security of the computer.

In short, as you can see, email ransomware is an important and present problem. It is essential to take measures to avoid problems and thus ensure that the system is fully protected and you can surf the web and use email without this being a problem for your team.

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