This is the RX 6600 with which AMD will stand up to NVIDIA’s RTX 3060

At the moment the mid-range of graphics cards, which are sold around 300 euros as the official sale price. Speculation for mining aside. It is only taken over by NVIDIA when it comes to next-generation graphics cards. The AMD RX 6600 is still unreleased on the market. But the accumulation of news and recent rumors indicate its imminent launch.

This would be the design of AMD Radeon RX 6600 (XT) graphics cards

How can you see we are facing a very compact design based on a single ventr, which makes it ideal for your installation in mini-ITX systems and it reminds us of AMD cards in the past that came up with the Nano surname. Its small form factor is due to the fact that its GPU, the AMD Navi 23, is the least powerful of the GPUs based on the RDNA 2 architecture so far.

The AMD RX 6600 series will have two models, on the one hand the AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT with a configuration of 32 Compute Units, bus 128-bit GDDR6 with 8GB VRAM. Whereas the RX 6600 is expected with the same configuration except that it will have 28 Compute Units.


It is that high clock speed that is surprising about such a compact design and the use of an 8-pin connection to power this graphics card. In any case, we cannot forget that the render is not official from AMD, but it is very similar to the one that Lisa Su showed at her CES conference last January. But let’s not forget that AMD has not released official information, yes, who has leaked the image claims that it comes from an AMD press document.

The graphics card will compete against the NVIDIA RTX 3060 and it must be taken into account that both GPUs have a low enough consumption that they can be mounted both in graphics cards and in gaming laptops. What’s more, AMD has already announced its equivalent version for the AMD RX 6000M. So this graphics card would be the desktop version, which would not have the usual thermal limitations in a laptop. Which will allow you to reach 2.9 GHz clock speed.

Will it be another “paper launch” by AMD?

GPU mining

While NVIDIA has decided to limit its graphics cards in the face of cryptocurrency mining, even if it is really to sell its CMP HX, AMD has instead decided not to implement these limitations, so again we could be facing a launch in which the miners end up taking a good stock of these graphics cards, not to say that they would leave it totally empty

But it is not just mining that concerns us, but the fact that both Intel and AMD are planning gaming laptops with full setups on their part. That is, on the side of AMD Ryzen CPU and Radeon GPU integrated in gaming laptops based on AMD hardware and on the other side Intel Alder Lake CPU and Intel Xe-HPG GPU in Intel’s. A war in said market that can suck up the stock of the Navi 23 chip in that regard and leave limited stock for the desktop RX 6600 and RX 6600 XT.

Finally, we cannot forget that the AMD RX 6600X and RX 6600 for desktop have not yet been formally presented, although AMD should not take long to do so. In any case, we hope that they will be in quantities to satisfy their demand from fans of video games on PC.

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