This LEGO designed by a fan ended up becoming official and can be yours shortly

Detail of LEGO Cabin A

As you know, LEGO has a platform that allows users to fans Upload your ideas so that other people know about them. From there, sometimes and as long as they have the support and vote of the community, products go into production that finally see the light of day in the company’s catalog. Next month we will see precisely one of these very special sets: an adorable cabin Created by an Italian designer that is beginning to form part of the wish lists of all brick fans.

Cabin in A, the new LEGO Ideas

Andrea Lattanzio is responsible for this new LEGO creation. The cabin in A was proposed by this designer and fan of the firm in the Ideas section and its resounding success -measured with votes from users- served for the company to consider its production in February 2022. Now, one year later, we have the official confirmation of its sale and also with this we can learn more about what this curious set is like.

Photo of LEGO Hut A

Thought for the public adult lego fan, consists of a total of 2,082 pieces with which you can build an adorable A-shaped cabin full of corners and details. The roof, for example, can be removed and thus see the inside of the construction, where a bedroom is located on the upper level and a study and the American kitchen on the lower level. The cabin measures approximately 24 cm in height, 21 cm in width and 22 cm in depth.

Detail of LEGO Cabin A

It also comes with 4 minifigures and 11 animal figures (doves, frogs, butterflies and even a squirrel or an otter), to which must be added also 3 buildable trees and a canoe as well as an endless number of mini accessories and accessories. details such as cups, lamps, pictures… Without a doubt, it is one of the most original and well-cared sets that we have seen in recent years.

Availability and price

The new set Cabin in A (number 21338) It can already be found on the official website of the brand. It is not yet possible to buy or reserve them. You have to wait until February 4 to acquire it -or until the 1st if you are a LEGO VIP user.

Photo of LEGO Hut A

Its price is not exactly cheap (although by no means one of the most expensive in the catalogue) as you can imagine from the number of accessories and the volume of the cabin itself: it is planted in the €179.99.

What do you say, do you dare to set up your own miniature rural refuge?

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