This NAS has a screen on the front (but it is not for watching Netflix)

Making a backup copy of the most important data we have is critical, to avoid irreparable losses. We all have photographs, videos or other documents that losing them would be a great disappointment. Well, now you can make copies in style thanks to Baseus and his first NAS what’s wrong with it integrated screen on the front, which is more for decoration than anything else.

For those who do not know what a NAS system is, it is a local network storage system for data backup. They are not complicated devices to use, since they use simple and intuitive operating systems.

In addition, these systems currently allow access remotely and without the need for cables. This allows great flexibility and versatility when backing up or accessing data.

Baseus presents its first NAS

same the baseus company It does not sound like much to you, since it is not particularly well known. The brand is focused on the manufacture of portable batteries of a different nature, USB hubs and different types of chargers, among others. Now, they want to enter the network storage segment with an “innovative” solution.

During a conference, the brand Baseus has presented his first NAS which will be released in first quarter of 2024. The mark indicates that this solution has a practical and elegant design. It offers easy interaction with applications and good performance to meet all needs.

What stands out the most about this NAS is the large front screen. It shows us different information, showing the units status storage and the net. A much more complete solution than the current system, based on blinking LEDs that provide little information.

baseus nas

If we talk about the rest of the design of this NASneither has nothing special with respect to other solutions. The structure seems to be slightly silver, making it more elegant. Internally, this NAS has space for a total of four HDDs or SSDs, as we want.

It does not have any type of data connector on the front, something that is usually quite common in current NAS. Yeah we see in the back two USB-A and one USB-C, for which we have no version data. Dispose of two ethernet ports in the back, which could be 2.5G or at least, is what logic dictates.

Little else is known about this system. We do not know, at the moment, the processor and the amount of RAM that it will integrate. We assume that you will have an M.2 slot to install an SSD to cache and improve performance.

baseus nas system

Very pretty, but uninteresting

A NAS is not usually cheap and less than four bays. Those of this size are usually around 300-400 euros, for the most normal models. This one, which has a screen, could perfectly go for 500 euros, although it is difficult to measure it, taking into account that it is a Chinese brand.

The screen seems quite underused and it is not clear if it will be tactile or simply informative. Ideally, it should offer different screen management options. But, it seems that it will be simple with a fixed menu or general information, period.

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