Is 1Password worth paying to use?

When we talk about these managers, we are specifically referring to programs and platforms that help us deal with these very important security elements. Actually, what these software solutions do is store all our keys in a protected space to access them when we need them. In this way we save having to memorize them, we can even use them directly in those websites or programs where we need them.

It must be taken into consideration that these passwords that we are storing in the managers are protected by a master key that we will have to memorize. The developers of these solutions are fully aware of their importance and their widespread use. This is something that has become especially evident in recent years due to the enormous password and credential growth that we use on a daily basis. But that’s not all, since platforms such as the aforementioned 1Password present us with some interesting additional functions.

As a general rule, in addition to being able to store the aforementioned elements, we can store more sensitive information in this personal safe space. Here we refer to items such as 2FA accesses, bank accounts, credit card numbers, the information of our Social Security, the doctor, personal notes, etc. For all this, this type of service offers us specific functions for this data. As you can imagine, they are also protected by the master key mentioned above.

Saving passwords with 1Password comes at a price

Once we know all this that we have told you, as is usual in many software sectors, here we find both paid and free solutions. It must be taken into consideration that, if we focus on the aforementioned 1Password service, we will see that we have several modalities, all of them payment. It is worth mentioning that here the most affordable modality is the personal one that has a cost of three dollars a month making an annual payment.

1password prices

We also find a family plan and several focused especially on the company. That is why it is possible that some users, before starting to work with a password manager, ask themselves before the need to pay for one of these services. The first thing we should know at this point is that we can find similar platforms for free. It is true that some users distrust password managers, since they must seek some form of financing. However, this distrust can also be extrapolated to payment password managers.

Keep in mind that generally free services also offer more advanced payment methods and complete. In addition, we can find some of these managers as in the case of Myki, which allow the storage of these databases locally, all without spending a single euro. In short, for a personal use perhaps the most interesting thing is to look for a free alternative that also has a local storage system.

However, if we refer to the company, platforms such as the aforementioned 1Password offer us a series of services and assistance, even if it is paying, that are worth it. As it happens in most cases, the choice of one software or another will depend on our needs and the possibility of making a disbursement. There are, in most cases, free options more than interesting.

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