This Philips Hue starter kit pack is 40% off for Fnac members before the winter sales

Here is a great deal for those who want to buy a Philips Hue starter kit! This Tuesday, January 11, 2022, Fnac is offering a Philips Hue starter kit pack at -40% for its members who hold the Fnac card.

While the 2022 winter sales will officially begin this Wednesday, January 12 from 8 a.m., Fnac members can already take advantage of the event by purchasing a Philips Hue starter kit pack on sale.

Thus, during this day of Tuesday January 11 only, Fnac card holders have the possibility of acquiring in the form of a pack two E27 White & Color LED bulbs, a Dim Switch remote control, a connection bridge and a connected socket. ; all for 119.99 euros instead of 199.99 euros. The price may possibly drop thanks to the recent Fnac Jackpot gift cards made available for the winter sales.

Regarding LED bulbs, the E27 White & Color of the Philips Hue range which are Bluetooth compatible can connect with the Hue bridge supplied in the pack and be easily integrated into the existing Hue eco-system. As for the Dim Switch, the remote control has been designed to vary the light intensity of Philips Hue lights. Finally, the Philips Hue connected plug allows you to add any light to the Hue system.

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