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Surely many of you already know first-hand that on many occasions we ask for access credentials to a friend or relative. In the same way, it is quite common that if we have an account on some of these platforms, someone we trust asks us for access. Obviously this is something that we cannot do with strangers, or at least it is not the most recommended.

Another common practice is to share this account in order to distribute the subscription costs of the video streaming platform in the same way. In these same lines we are going to focus on one of the best known and used alternatives such as Amazon Prime Video. This is an online multimedia content service that is included within the Amazon Prime modality of the shopping giant.

We may share our username and password with others in order to spread the cost, although we must be careful. If this is something we do with a person with whom we do not have total confidence, they can end up scamming us in various ways, as we will see below. This is something that can negatively affect our pocketHence the precautions we should take.

Paid channel subscriptions

A good part of the content that we find in Amazon Prime Video is included with the subscription itself. However, there are others for which we have to pay. The video platform offers us a series of channels with more specific content that might interest us and that have an additional cost per month.

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This means that if the person with whom we share the streaming service has subscribed to any of these channels without our permission, we will have to be the ones who let’s pay the addition.

first-run movie rental

In addition to the content that is included in the default subscription, there are other more current titles. As with other online video services, this one offers us some recently released titles that we can rent for a few days, but paying. This means that, if the rental is carried out by the person with whom we share the account, we will have to cover the cost, which will not be pleasant.

Our bank details will be exposed

This subscription to the video service is associated with our account Amazon Prime. By now it goes without saying that this is one of the largest internet stores in the world. Therefore, in our user account we have several extremely sensitive data that could be within the reach of that person with whom we share the account, such as bank data.

Therefore, we find that this other user could carry out other unwanted actions such as buying items in the giant electronic commerce. Obviously all this without our permission and just by entering your address to receive orders. These are some of the reasons why we must take special care when sharing our Amazon Prime Video account.

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