This YouTuber almost lost 2 million, for writing down his passwords on paper!

The passwords have given more than one unpleasantness, normally, because they are in many cases very weak. This has forced many websites to implement mechanisms that require the creation of passwords with numbers, symbols, upper and lower case letters. But Mr Beast has shown another problem of the passwordspointing them in paper and it almost cost him lose 2 million dollars.

If you don’t know Mr Beast, tell you that he is a well-known American YouTuber. He has a channel dedicated to making challenges and pranks (always harmless) to ordinary people. All the challenges and jokes end up assuming for the participant, taking a good sum of money or a large number of products.

Mr Beast almost went bankrupt for writing down his passwords

Currently, Mr Beast is one of the most prominent YouTubers in the United States. What he earns from his YouTube channel is given to anonymous people through different fun challenges, always with no intention of harming anyone. One of the most famous videos of him is bringing the “Squid Game”, the popular Netflix series, to real life, but here nobody dies.

Recently, in a video he explains that some time ago they broke into his house. He says that they mainly took clothes and blankets, noting that he does not have any items of great value. He also highlights that they took his laptop, and here is the main problem.

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As he explains, he had written down and a piece of paper with their passwords stuck to the laptop. Writing down passwords on paper is already a security problem, but also sticking them on the laptop is a great risk.

It stands out that one of the pointed ones said “Bitcoin password”. It refers to the password of access to your Bitcoin wallet, where he stored bitcoins worth 2 million dollars. The thief was not very skilled as he did not move those bitcoins and luckily for Mr Beast he was able to move the bitcoins to a new wallet.

lucky for Mr Beastthey did not move that money, since according to what they say, it was All the money I had at the time. He notes that every month he added $100,000 to that Bitcoin portfolio. Quite simply, it was (and possibly is) his way of saving for the future, an investment. In addition, he says that he was going to sell those bitcoins, which were at a high price at that time, to record a couple of videos.


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Lesson: Don’t save your passwords, memorize them

Something that always stands out is that passwords should be strong, but easy to memorize. It is recommended that they are not obvious things, such as name and birthday, but something easy to remember. It can be part of your name and that of your pet with a prominent date that is not easy to discover (date of birthday, wedding, birth of children, etc.)

Writing passwords on paper may seem safe, but nothing is further from the truth. Paper can be lost, accidentally thrown away, burned, wet and rubbed off, etc. Nor are third-party services, such as LastPass, which was hacked a few months ago, compromising user passwords.

But there is more. It is not recommended to save passwords in the browser, which is quite common. It is also not recommended to use the same password for more than one website. And above all, avoid using terms such as “password” or “password”, as well as numerical strings such as “12345678”

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