Three French airports have been targeted by hackers linked to the Kremlin

The websites of five French airports reportedly suffered distributed denial of service attacks on Wednesday. Three of them are said to have been temporarily taken offline.

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According Numeramathe websites of Paris, Paris-Vatry, Bordeaux, Lyon and Marseille airports were attacked by a hacker group named Anonymous Sudan last Wednesday, March 15, 2023. The hackers reportedly carried out “collective service saturation attacks”, which overwhelmed and took servers at three airports offline. If the situation seems to have returned to normal, doubt remains as to the real motivation of the perpetrators of these attacks.

Anonymous Sudan claimed responsibility for the attacks on Telegram, the cybercriminals’ preferred messaging service. Our colleagues managed to contact the hacktivists, who split an explanation for the less smoky. Airports would have been targeted in retaliation for the cartoons of Muhammad published by Charlie Hebdo… eight years ago. If we understand that they are attacking the Scandinavian countries, Denmark and Sweden more precisely, which recently published drawings of the Prophet, theidea of ​​attacking French airports now seems odd to say the least.

Anonymous Sudan claims to have attacked French airports in revenge for cartoons

Rumor attributes strong ties between Anonymous Sudan and Russia. Contacted by our colleagues from Numerama, the hackers do not deny: “Russia has helped Sudan in the past, so we are helping the Russian Killnet team”. They are very clear on this point: in the event of a major cyber offensive, they will side with the Kremlin and lend a hand.

Although the assailants are named Anonymous Sudan, no one is quite sure of the origins of its members. There is also a rumor that it is in fact one of the many pharmacies financed by Vladimir Putin and his generals. Cybersecurity experts believe that the group’s infrastructure and operations are fully funded: we are far from the modus operandi of the solitary hacker, and closer to the digital army. Be that as it may, their mission is to destabilize the European institutions and the establishments of the Western enemy.

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