Three minimums you must meet

If you are thinking of buying a new professional laptop, you probably have doubts about which configuration you should choose, both in terms of hardware and connectivity. It is a complicated issue because, in the end, depends on particular needs of each user.

We cannot see all the possible cases one by one, but we can offer a scale with three minimums that must be met, yes or yes, your new team. Keep in mind that, in some cases, these minimums can be waived with slightly lower settings as long as we do not mind assuming certain limitations, although it is not ideal, obviously.

The screen of your new business laptop should be at least 13.3 inches and 1080p resolution. If you buy a computer with a smaller screen, you will notice that it is uncomfortable to work for several hours at a time, and if you choose a panel with a lower resolution, the work space you will have on the screen will be very limited, and this will also result in discomfort. remarkable.

Second, your team must have at least 8 GB of RAMalthough if you plan to use Windows 11 and work with multitasking and relatively demanding applications, the ideal would be to look for a configuration with, at least, 16 GB of RAM. It is not recommended to buy computers with 4 GB of RAM, unless you are going to make basic use of them and plan to stay on Windows 10.

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Finally, it is important that your new professional laptop has enough storage capacity to cover your needs in the medium and long term. For some, a 128 GB SSD may be enough, especially if they don’t work with large files, but the truth is that in the end we should start from a base of, at least 256GB.

Other aspects, such as the processor of that new professional laptop, will depend largely on our specific needs. for a basic use of office automation and web browsinga new generation Intel Celeron (Jasper Lake series in 10nm) or an AMD Athlon are enough, but for more advanced use we should get into the Core and Ryzen series now.

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