Three reasons to sting again buying Dead Space

dead space It was first released on October 14, 2008 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 by an Electronic Arts studio that you probably know today as Visceral Games. A wonder that has been alive for 15 years and that it has not been until the launch of this remakewhich has returned to the present day in style, but are there reasons to sting again and buy it again?

A remake at the price of gold

First of all say that remakes we have them every day and that many of them are so celebrated that they become fashionable again after the premiere of some television series and everything. So we are not going to detract from this dead spacee only for that, but it does miss the policy followed by Electronic Arts at the time of launch, which has not hesitated to set its price at the same as that of any other AAA release.

Both on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S the game costs 79.99 euros, that is, a real peak for a title that, indeed, they have put their pick and shovel in, but that does not stop maintaining the same development in a very high percentage of the entire adventure as the original release. So, even so, we are going to offer you three reasons to bite again and buy it. There they go:

the same emotions

It seems incredible that three decades have passed, but the game knows how to transmit with the same intensity the emotion of an epic adventure that we all keep in memory. touch the remake it’s traveling back in time and reliving every good moment we spent with him in 2008. And that’s a terribly comforting feeling. From the moment we set foot in the Ishimura we already smell everything we have to do and that tremendous experience of meeting an old friend who treated us so well at the time.

The (almost) same development

The setting is a single leg of the set that makes dead space a classic, but those responsible for remake They have had the great success of update some mechanics by adding extra map portions. For example, now we will not be able to travel on the subway from one station to the next, but to use that means of transport we must first arrive on foot and discover it. As it is done in current games. So at that point, we have gained with a bonus of unpublished content that comes in handy.

The story also expands

Isaac Clarke is still the protagonist and in essence We are going to live exactly the same events than in the original game but, and here comes the good part, there are some other additions that come to give us alternatives for the future of the saga. For example, is it possible that there is a different ending knowing how this game connects with dead space 2, which went on sale in 2011? Well, that is one of the unknowns that this book reserves for you. remake so that you reach it and… be able to fit it into the puzzle of the complete story arc of the saga.

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