Tim Cook talks about privacy in a new company video

We are used to seeing promotional videos of Apple TV + series on YouTube, but this time all the prominence goes to Tim Cook. Well actually the privacy of the Apple company takes it and no one better to explain it than the CEO of the company himself. The video titled «Privacy» It can be seen already on the YouTube channel that Apple has on the Google network.

In the video, Cook focuses on Apple’s belief that privacy is a human right that originates deep within every product you create. It also refers to Apple’s WWDC event on June 7, during which it introduced new features such as email privacy protection and the application’s Privacy Report.

At one point in the video, Tim Cook states:

These great privacy features are the latest in a long series of innovations our teams have developed to improve transparency and put users in control of their data. These are features that will help give users peace of mind by strengthening that control and the freedom to use their technology without worrying about who is looking over their shoulder. At Apple, we are committed to giving users the choice how your data is used and build privacy and security in everything we do.

We have talked many times about Apple’s ability to keep the content of its devices at bay away from prying eyes. A feature for which many people are willing to pay more than necessary (if possible). No wonder, after all, privacy is a fundamental right which none of us should reject or let lose.

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