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Nothing like the comfort of a Bluetooth headset

Undoubtedly, the Cupertino company set a trend with its AirPods when they were presented, that is, despite all the criticism they received at first due to their design. However, most brands saw the success that Apple had with them and, fortunately, began to manufacture and offer the public a similar product, that is, a wireless headset with a reduced design.

This is exactly what the Axloie brand does with its headphones. They have a design that is quite reminiscent of the AirPods Pro, offering great sound quality being able to adopt professional audio technology to the double sound cavity design and 7mm dynamic drivers. They also have fast charging and up to 5 hours of continuous playback.

In case what you are looking for is a more sporty option, the LYCHL brand has wireless headphones that have that characteristic design that many athletes use to train in their day-to-day lives. They are IP7 certified to achieve that much-needed waterproofing at times when running in the rain. In terms of sound quality, they are capable of achieving a well-balanced dynamic range with rich bass and clear highs after countless debugging.

LYCHL Headphones

Wrap your ears with these over-ear headphones

Although small headphones have now become very fashionable, all users like, at some point, to take time to relax to listen to music quietly, and without a doubt there is nothing that equals the experience that headphones can give you. headband, capable of wrapping your entire ear. For this, the Prtukyt company offers its closed wireless headphones, with a high fidelity stereo sound that is also available in different colors. They support FM radio and music playback via SD cards, meaning you won’t even have to connect the iPhone to the headphones if you don’t want to.

Prtukyt 1 Headphones

The same brand, Prtukyt also has another model of headband headphones, in this case with a somewhat simpler design, but at the same time also more elegant. Again with Bluetooth technology so you don’t have to use cables. They feature powerful 57mm stereo drivers and the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip to deliver high fidelity and deep, clear bass.

Prtukyt 2 Headphones

Go for the more traditional Apple option

Despite the fact that today Bluetooth technology in headphones is within everyone’s reach to enjoy a much more comfortable user experience, many still prefer the headphones of a lifetime, those that you have to connect to the iPhone through 3.5mm jack if you have this connector or through the Lightning port. If that is your case, undoubtedly one of the options that most users use is Apple’s own, the famous EarPods, that is, the headphones that until recently came in the iPhone box.


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