Tim Cook’s salary is doubled but down the list of highest paid CEOs

Tim cook

Apple is going from strength to strength. With the global crisis that we have been in for more than a year due to the happy pandemic, and Apple increasingly bills more and has more benefits. And that is undoubtedly thanks to the management of its CEO, Tim cook.

And the partners of the company, happy with the work that Cook has been doing for many years, have not hesitated to reward him, and almost double his salary compared to last year. But with all that, he has dropped several places in the ranking of the highest paid CEOs in the world. If Tim is well paid, there are still people who are more … to freak out, no doubt.

This week the list Fortune Global 500 has published that Apple has been the most profitable company of the last year, obtaining 57,000 million dollars of benefits in 2020, with a record turnover of 275,000 million dollars. Without a doubt, thanks to the management of its CEO, Tim Cook.

And how can it be otherwise, the partners of the company, delighted with Cook, have raised his salary. Rather than upload it, let’s say it has been “folded.”

Elon Musk is the highest-paid CEO in the world

Bloomberg just released its annual list of the world’s highest-paid CEOs. And paradoxically, although Tim Cook has had his salary doubled, it has dropped to eighth on the list. The ranking is led by the CEO of Tesla, Elon musk.

On last year’s list, Cook was the second-highest-paid CEO with $ 133.7 million in earnings from a combination of stock awards, salary and bonuses. In 2020, thanks to the good accounting numbers obtained by Apple, Cook has received between salary and bonuses almost $ 265 million, double that of the previous year.

According to Bloomberg, the CEO of Apple has collected $ 10.7 million in bonuses, $ 250.3 million in stock awards, $ 3 million in salaries and $ 1 million in benefits. Almost nothing. But of course, even if it is a crazy salary, nothing comparable to the 6.7 billion dollars that Elon Musk has put in his pocket in 2020.

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