Today: listen to your horoscope on Spotify, watch Super Mario in Minecraft and more

Wifi and which almost all of us make use of practically every day. Whether in a private or public way, wherever we are, we seek connectivity so as not to lose the internet connection at any time. Now we are going to talk about a new use that is beginning to be given to Wi-Fi when we connect to it through a network that is not our own.

They use Wi-Fi to count meeting attendees

Specifically, we refer to a new study that is being carried out at the University of California about this type of connectivity. To give you a more exact idea of ​​what we mean, this technology that is in full development allows Wi-Fi signals Count a crowd of people sitting or still. For all of this, which works through walls, all you need is a wireless transmitter and receiver outside of the area where people are sitting.

This, as you can imagine, could have a huge variety of uses such as crowd control, business planning, or security.

wifi count

See Super Mario running through Minecraft stages

Undoubtedly both the different versions of Super Mario and the title Minecraft from Microsoft, are the games that have marked an era for many people around the world. Well, one developer has thought that it would be a good idea to find some way to intermix both worlds. To do this, he is currently developing a new mod to use in Minecraft running the engine Super Mario 64.

For all those who wonder how this mix would look, then we leave you a sample that its developer is not allowed to see.

Listen to your daily horoscope in the Spotify application

Millions of users around the world use it to listen to their favorite music. Thanks to the multiple applications that the service has, this is possible through multiple devices such as PC or mobile, among others. As most of you already know, here we have the opportunity to create our own playlists, follow artists, listen to podcasts, etc.

Well, we tell you all this because from now on you can also listen to your daily horoscope through the aforementioned music platform. Of course, this is a podcast that is carried out with a somewhat humorous tone, so we will not have to take it very seriously either. For those of you who are interested in receiving your daily horoscope, you can subscribe through this link.

And, although not everyone wants to admit it at first, the truth is that astrology and everything related to it horoscope It interests more people than it may seem. Therefore, being able to listen to all this daily through Spotify may be interesting for a good number of users.

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