TousAntiCovid: the Interhop association demands a government report on the real effectiveness of the application

Is TousAntiCovid really effective? This is precisely the question posed by InterHop, an association that promotes free software and the security of health data. The latter thus joins the CNIL, which has been asking the government for this same report for months.

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Since its launch, TousAntiCovid has been on the radar of privacy advocates. Indeed, it is difficult not to be suspicious of a government application that collects their personal data. To pass the pill, authorities say “The objective of the COVID VACCINE file is the implementation, monitoring and management of vaccine campaigns against COVID-19. It includes information on the people invited to be vaccinated or already vaccinated in order in particular to organize the vaccination campaign ”.

After its update this summer, the app was even directly accused of spying on its users. It did not take more for the CNIL to ask the government a concrete report stating the results obtained by the system. In vain. For now, the authorities have not yet responded to the organization’s request. It is not, however, for lack of relaunching, alerting “On several occasions on the risk of habituation and trivialization of such devices that infringe on privacy, fearing a slide towards a society where such controls would become the norm and not the exception”.

Government refuses to say if TousAntiCovid is really effective

The InterHop association, specializing in the defense of free software and the right to privacy, has therefore decided to join the CNIL by calling on the government to finally carry out the study which is requested of hime, deeming it necessary for “Assess the necessity and proportionality in relation to the infringements of individual freedoms in question, including the right to respect for private life and the protection of personal data”.

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For its part, the government, in the person of its spokesperson Gabriel Attal, declares that “The concrete evidence, we have it: the very strong increase in vaccination coverage following the implementation of the pass is a demonstration of the effectiveness of the health pass […]. If all this must be formalized in a document sent to the CNIL, I have no doubt that my colleagues in the government will do so.“. In the meantime, we have written a guide that allows you to protect yourself against data collection by the application.

Source: InterHop

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