Tricks to improve Google Chrome from its Task Manager

The software sector focused on internet browsers has become one of the most important due to its wide market penetration. Here we find programs of the importance of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge that millions of users use daily on their devices. But despite the benefits that they offer us, this type of program also presents some serious problems.

Part of these are given by everything related to the high consumption of resources that they generally carry out. Aside from privacy and security, which is extremely important here, this CPU and RAM consumption worries most. We must bear in mind that we are not talking about programs that are used temporarily or on an occasional basis, but rather those that are in operation almost all the time. In fact, it could be said that these applications are among the first that we run when we turn on our computer.

This is something that is especially evident in the most widely used program of this type in the world, we refer to Google Chrome. Here we find a software solution that could be considered one of the most used. But it is not exempt from problems and complications in certain circumstances. Among them we can highlight the aforementioned consumption of resources that this application carries out despite the efforts of the search giant.

It is for all this and to improve the general functioning of the internet browser that we will talk about your Task Manager. This is an element that may be familiar to the Windows system, but the Google Chrome browser also has a similar tool.

Open and control Chrome Task Manager

The first thing we should know is that, to access this important, and unknown to many, element of Chrome, we open its menu. Once this is displayed, all we have to do is go to the More Tools / Task Manager. This will give way to a new window in which all the sections currently running in the program are listed. The important thing here is to know that we will see both visible and hidden elements that are running.

For example, this won’t be hugely useful for know exactly what is consuming the most resources at that moment. Here we find elements such as open tabsthe program’s own add-ons running, the extensions installed etc In addition, the best thing about this tool is that it shows us the consumption of each of them in real time. We can order the exposed data with just click on the header of each of the columns. This way we will see first-hand which section consumes more CPU, RAM, network resources, or GPU.

Also, we have the possibility of customize the data columns that will be displayed here with only right click on the interface of Task Manager. Keep in mind that there is a lot of information that we can find here, so the tool allows us to organize it. If we see that something that we consider expendable is consuming too many resources, we mark that element and click on the End process button. As you can imagine, all this allows us to manage and improve the operation of Chrome, especially if we have an old or limited computer.

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