Tricks to ventilate your house without wasting energy and save on the bill

Tips to ventilate the house without spending much

There will always be a drop in temperature. Whether you want it or not, ventilate the house in winter you are going to lose energy and therefore you are going to have to spend something if you want the temperature to rise again. But you can keep it as minimal as possible and avoid spending more. Just by taking into account some recommendations you can notice changes.

Ventilate in the central hours

Possibly the most important tip. It is essential to ventilate the house when the temperature is higher. That is, avoid ventilating your house first thing in the morning when it is very cold outside. That will only cool your house down a lot and it will take longer, and therefore you will consume more, when heating it up again.

Wait for the hours when it is hotter. In winter it is usually between 12:00 and 15:00. Take advantage of those hours to ventilate the house. You do not need to ventilate more than once a day, except for example the kitchen or for some specific reason.

Take advantage when you don’t have the heating on

Ideally, you should ventilate the house with the heating turned off. You would be wasting energy if you open the doors and windows with the heating on and it is not really going to keep the temperature down. Therefore, wait for a moment when you have the heating off and you can spend less.

For example, if you are going to leave the house and you have turned off the heating, take advantage of that time to ventilate the house and then turn it back on when you return. The objective is to maximize the time in which you use heating, radiators or air conditioning to air-condition your home.

Ventilate the whole house at once

You may have the question of whether it is better to ventilate one room, then another and so on, or to ventilate whole house at once. It is best to do it once. In this way you will create an air current and everything will be faster and more effective. If possible, open a door or window at one end of the house and at the other to create that draft.

If you open only one side of the house and then another, even if you can also ventilate in this way, you would not be making the most of the time. The best thing is what we say about allowing air to enter and exit through different areas.

Do not exceed in time

It is also not necessary to ventilate the house for hours. In fact, it usually suffices. ventilate 10-20 minutes. Everything will also depend on the size of the windows and how many you can open. That is why we say that it is best to ventilate the whole house at once and that way it will be faster and more effective.

Therefore, try not to exceed those 20 minutes. If the conditions are optimal, ventilating your home for 10 minutes in winter would be enough, except in specific cases such as a kitchen, if you have painted a room or used a strong cleaning product.

Close rooms you don’t want to ventilate

maybe there is rooms that you do not want to ventilate. For example, a room where you are hardly ever and you don’t need to renew the air. If you want to maintain a good temperature and save energy, simply close the door and you will prevent cold air from entering. This will help the heating not have to heat that room later.

You could even only ventilate one area of ​​the house and not the rest, if you live in a large house. In this way, for example, you could ventilate the living room, your bedroom and the kitchen, which are the rooms where you usually stay the most and you will need to ventilate the most, while the rest will maintain a good temperature.

In short, with these tips you can ventilate your home without wasting energy. You can take advantage of the recommendations we have given and prevent the electricity or gas bill from increasing by ventilating your home daily.

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