Trust presents GXT 1323 Altus, gaming headset for PC and console

There are two reasons to buy headphones, one of them is the sound quality they have, the other is for collecting and there is a huge variety of types of design and motifs. The military design of the Trust GXT 1323 Altus are its main attraction. But, are we facing a simple aesthetic reason or do they stand out for something else?

Features of the Trust GXT 1323 Altus headphones

This is a mesh padded gaming headset that has a flexible microphone integrated to be able to speak in the middle of the battlefield of your favorite games. Its ability to reproduce bass sounds will make you feel in the middle of the conflict while you compete or collaborate with your friends in order to achieve joint or solo victory. Its military design in black camouflage gives it a unique aesthetic different from other headphones with microphone on the market and is attractive for lovers of military equipment.

The Trust GXT 1323 Altus use a standard audio minijack, so you can use it with any device regardless of whether it is a PC, a console or even a PostPC device such as a mobile or a tablet. It doesn’t matter which platform you play on, since you can use them on any platform. Its 1 meter cable of the braided type is strong enough to avoid breakage and is long enough so that you can connect it to the control of your console. In the event that the cable seems short, you can add the 1.2 meter extender that comes standard.

Trust GXT 1323 Atlus

Regarding the sound quality of the Trust GXT 1323 Altus we find the classic stereo speakers that can reproduce an audio channel for each of the audio channels with an impedance of 32 ohms and a response frequency that gives the 20 Hz to 20 KHz. If we talk about the microphone, we find that it is of the omnidirectional Electret type with a response frequency that ranges between 150 Hz and 16 KHz.

Unfortunately the sound quality could be a bit better, especially since it does not have noise reduction mechanisms, both in general, and in the background, and it does not have echo cancellation either. So outside of the military motif of its design, it does not stand out in its characteristics over other headphones with a microphone of the brand. Its release date? It will be on the market this July, so with only a few months left until the end of the month, you shouldn’t wait to get some if you’re interested. As for the price we still do not know, but it should not be different than other headphones with a microphone of the brand.

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