Twitter’s new CEO fires employees en masse

Parag Agrawal, the new CEO of Twitter, continues to actively change the leadership of the company. After sacking engineering leaders last month, this time Parag Agrawal is bringing in new leaders to the security team. In this regard, the company has already confirmed to the authoritative publication The New York Times that Peter Zatko, the former head of the company’s security service, “fully left the company”, while the director of information security, Rinky Seti, will have to leave the company “in the next few weeks.”

Also in recent days, reports have started to circulate quite actively on the network, according to which, a little earlier last week, Parag Agrawal told all his employees that these, at first glance, strange personnel decisions were made after “evaluating how the organization is managed , and the influence of each individual worker on the priority work. By the way, Twitter hired Pater Zatko, known in the hacker community as “Mudge”, relatively recently, namely in November 2020, after an incident that resulted in the compromise of many accounts of eminent personalities using the platform.

Previously, he worked at the US Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Google, and Stripe, while in the 90s he was a member of the well-known hacker group known as the “Cult of the Dead Cow”. Meanwhile, Rinky Seti is a former vice president of a large tech company like IBM, where he was responsible for information security. He also joined the company shortly after hacking the accounts of famous users in order to cash in on the bitcoins of all trusted users, namely in July 2020.

Leah Kissner, Twitter’s head of privacy, is temporarily taking over Rinky Seti’s role, according to The Times. Parag Agrawal himself was previously the chief technology officer of the social network. He spent little time rebuilding Twitter after he took over from former CEO Jack Dorsey in late November. Last month, by the way, Michael Montano, along with Dantley Davis, former heads of engineering and design, were also fired. This was done in order to “reconfigure Twitter to achieve its goals.”

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