Two-year-old boy dies after being bitten by a scorpion while playing at home

This Sunday, December 5 a two-year-old boy died after being stung by a scorpion while he was playing inside his house, they accuse of Medical negligence since the health personnel allegedly assumed that it was a mild sting and the minor’s condition was complicated.

The events occurred last weekend in the city of Corrientes, in Argentina, where the child’s mother noticed the scorpion sting and immediately took his son immediately to the Hospital Camilo Muniagurria to be treated.

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Despite the insistence and despair of the mother, the health personnel noted that it was a ant sting and they did not place a serum against him poison of the scorpion, so his health worsened and he had to be transferred to another hospital three hours away.

The boy, whose identity was not revealed, died in the Juan Pablo II Pediatric Hospital of the city because it was serious when he arrived at the hospital. Regarding the case, Juan Carlos Peña, director of the Goya Municipal Serpentarium, explained to the newspaper El Litoral, that everything points to a case of medical negligence for the care provided to the minor.

The Ministry of Health of the province reported that it may have been the species Tityus trivittatus the one that stung the two-year-old, since it is the only one in the city. It is a light brown scorpion with dark stripes on the back and a stinger on the tail.

Scorpion sting symptoms

The Health Secretary (Ssa) in Mexico reported that the entities of the country where there is a risk of Poisoning by Alacrán Sting (IPPA) are those in the central-western part of Mexico, from Sonora to Oaxaca. Downtown in Durango, Zacatecas, Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Querétaro, Mexico, Morelos and Puebla.

In the case of a mild poisoning symptoms are severe pain and numbness at the site of the bite, as well as nervousness and irritability. In children under four years old, uncontrollable crying would alert of a sting.

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For the moderate intoxication the two previous symptoms are considered, as well as a runny nose and profuse salivation; foreign body sensation in throat, temporary blindness difficulty breathing, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.

In the severe cases are all the aforementioned symptoms and changes in the rhythm and frequency of the heart, speech disorder, paleness around the lips and prostration.

Treatment consists of applying Fabotherapeutic antidote antialacran, in addition to symptomatic for pain and others in the opinion of the treating physician, says the Ministry of Health.


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