Uber wants to help you explore restaurants and cultural events around you

Uber has long gone beyond transporting people. The platform also delivers groceries and ready meals, an activity that has experienced a real boom during the pandemic. And Uber does not want to stop there.

The Uber application wants to become an urban guide. The platform has indeed added a new “Explore” tab in a dozen American cities, as well as in Mexico City. Users can access a selection of restaurants and events such as concerts or exhibitions. And of course, it is possible to order a VTC to get there.

Discount to go to the restaurant

The technical part concerning the restaurant section was entrusted to Yelp, the well-known reservation service. The Uber app displays user rankings, reviews and photos from Yelp. The app will make it easy to order a ride to the desired restaurant, with a 15% discount (or up to $10).

For event recommendations, Uber turned to PredictHQ, which lists a range of exhibitions, concerts, “experiences” and even sporting activities. And here too, it is possible to buy a ticket directly from the application. All these suggestions are based on what is happening near you, and according to your tastes. Thus, restaurant proposals are based on orders placed in Uber Eats.

This novelty adds a new string to the bow of the Uber application, which seeks to move from a simple utility for getting from one point to another, into a “lifestyle” guide capable of attracting a community of users wishing to take advantage of the reopening of restaurants and cultural events. Unfortunately, Uber did not indicate if this tab will soon appear in Europe.

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