Ubisoft’s next thing: creating a themed amusement park?

An Assassin’s Creed amusement park

When one stops to think about amusement parks, it is inevitable to think first of Disney’s, then it is likely that those of Universal Studios will go, and then those of LEGO and the recent one of Nintendo and Super Mario.

They all have something in common: its main attraction or attraction is an easily recognizable figure or theme and we could even say that it is iconic, as would be the case of Mickey Mouse or Super Mario.

Well, it seems that Ubisoft wants to do something similar since it believes that some of its franchises already enjoy that popularity and degree of recognition among practically all groups of people and ages, especially that of their murderers. Assassin’s creed. You imagine how could an amusement park be based on that title?

To carry out this project, which for the moment will be studied in depth to see to what extent it is feasible or not, it partnered with Storyland studios. These have already worked in other parks such as those of Universal Studios or Legoland, so they know what they do and what they would have to offer to attract in droves all those fans and even those who are less so of Ubisoft games.

Recreation of MsSkunk and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Of course it will be or would be an important challenge to create a set of attractions themed with their video games that make people want to go to Disney or other parks, but that does not mean that for those who are fans of their games it sounds very attractive .

In addition, they could start by creating a small plot within an existing park. Something similar to what Nintendo did with its recent Super Nintendo World amusement park, built inside Universal Studios in Osaka.

Ubisoft’s theme park: a recurring idea

The idea of build a theme park by Ubisoft It does not seem to be new, already about five years ago he commented on the possibility of creating a similar project around his games in Malaysia. On that occasion it seems that the ambitions were very high and that of seeking to create a new generation experience took its toll on them, making its construction unfeasible.

Now they may be a little more down-to-earth and past experience helps them better focus on what they want. Because you don’t have to go crazy either, creating an experience similar to that of the new Star Wars hotel at Disney is more than enough.

Can you imagine what it could be like to live for a few days in the shoes of a murderer? Going through areas where you must meet certain objectives? Again, a kind of simulation like the ones that the protagonist of Assassin’s Creed lives when it comes to remembering those of his lineage.

Of course, with the Assassin’s Creed saga, I could only recreate as many areas as there are deliveries and stories the video game tells. But surely others could also attract. Moreover, in general an amusement park based on video games would already be a dream for many, although difficult to manage due to the copyright of each title and what it would mean to try to have a representation of the most iconic.

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