Microsoft releases patch to make games perform smoothly on Windows 11 2H22

Windows 11 2H22 It hasn’t exactly been a brilliant launch. The rollout of the latest version or update of Microsoft’s desktop system had to be halted due to performance issues affecting games and, in some cases, updated versions of certain features. Obviously, these problems were not going to last forever, so the company already has the patch ready to solve it (or at least that’s what it says).

Microsoft has begun rolling out a optional update in preview, KB5020044, which contains the patch that presumably corrects the problems detected when running video games in Windows 11 2H22. This means that unless you are using the Windows Insider build, the update must be downloaded manually, which can be done by first going to Settings and then Windows Update.

The Redmond giant has explained that the origin of the bug that causes loss of performance in games is the fact that some titles and applications inadvertently enabled GPU performance debugging functions, which are very rare. enabled for end users because they are things that are usually developer oriented.

Windows 11 22H2 problems with games

KB5020044 contains a large number of updates and fixes in addition to addressing the problem that stars in this entry. Among other things it brings are that OneDrive subscribers receive storage alerts on the System page, the combination of Windows Featured Content with Themes on the personalization page, as well as showing the total amount of storage of all OneDrive subscribers and total storage on the Accounts page within Settings.

Microsoft advises that “due to minimal operations during the holidays and the upcoming Western New Year, there will be no non-security related preview release for the month of December 2022. There will be a monthly security release (referred to as “B” ) by December 2022. Normal monthly maintenance of Preview B and non-security releases will resume in January 2023.”

Windows 11 2022 has had to deal with various problems since its deployment began last September, including a bug detected in the NVIDIA driver that was resolved a long time ago. Those who want to know all the details of the KB5020044 update can consult them through its page on the Microsoft technical support website.

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