Una Notte da Dragoni: D&D live with a new format

Among the numerous groups that entertain our evenings by playing online role-playing, we also point out a new collective that has recently launched its own project: A Night for Dragons.

It is a group of boys from Rome who, thanks to the lockdown, started playing Dungeons and Dragons live on Twitch in a very particular way. That’s how!

Let’s find out about the Una Notte da Dragoni project

Una Notte da Dragons offers live sessions of Dungeons and Dragons through an innovative experience characterized by the fact that we will not see the players directly, connected online, but directly the PCs drawn and in motion thanks to a motion capture program.

Night of Dragons is the new entertainment format on the Twitch platform based on the most popular RPG in the world: Dungeons and Dragons. The channel aims to undermine the rules of the classic live play of players filmed by a video camera or connected via conference call.

The main innovation lies in the creation of campaigns with an ever-changing theme and composed of original characters specially designed by an illustrator and brought to life by a motion capture program that adapts to the faces and expressions of the players. This, combined with animated backgrounds and graphic effects created by 3D graphics, editing and modeling software, creates an immersive experience similar to that of a video game in which viewers can interact and communicate via chat.

The idea was born in Rome from a group of friends who rediscovered online role play during the lockdown period and decided to bring their vision of D&D to the public, enriching it with dynamic graphics, original music and an irreverent interpretation and shrewd character of the characters, all guided by a meticulous technical direction.

The Una Notte da Dragoni team goes live every two Sundays from 9pm to 11pm on Twitch. They are currently playing a themed bishot Veteran cats, but the schedule for the future is already full of events (including a campaign with Feudalism and Freedom!).

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