Unrecognizable Colin Farell on the New Pictures

The noose is tightening in Gotham. A few weeks before its release, The Batman is revealed through new images, which showcase two villains from Matt Reeves’ film.

It is the event of this cinematographic re-entry, and also the promise of a revival for the DC license. After several relatively successful feature films, Warner Bros. hopes to break records with the new adventures of the dark knight. After Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Christian Bale and Ben Affleck, it’s Robert Pattinson’s turn to don the bat costume.

Edited by Matt Reeves, The batman will immerse us in the first two years of the vigilante, as he confronts the underworld of Gotham. But Bruce Wayne is about to face one of the most dangerous enemies, while crossing paths with other iconic antagonists from the comic book universe.

The Penguin and The Ridller up close

After having shared several trailers, Warner Bros. unveils pictures of two antagonists, particularly awaited by fans of the first hour. It is initially The Riddler which offers itself the poster. No question of seeing the face of Paul Dano, who wears a khaki outfit and a mask behind these glasses. A visual reinterpretation of the character, who swaps his three-piece suit for a military suit. We nevertheless find the famous question marks, signature of the criminal.

Briefly seen in the trailers, The Penguin is also in the spotlight. Camped by Colin Farrell, the antagonist is the subject of a poster for the less bluffing. The transformation of Colin Farrell is impressive, it is also very difficult to recognize the actor. We can nevertheless notice that the very essence of the character has been respected, even if his appearance should be brief.

Credit: Warner Bros

Prepare the series

If Batman will cross his path, as well as that of Carmine Falcone and Catwoman, he will obviously not be at the epicenter of the film. We can nevertheless console ourselves by saying that we will have the opportunity to review his series, in development for HBO Max. For now, no release date has been brought forward. We can nevertheless hope that the platform does not take too long, just to capitalize on the reputation of the film.

Until then, meet him March 2 at the cinema to discover The batman. The film will be shown exclusively in theaters around the world, the first Warner Bros. movie in two years to receive such treatment.

While the 7th art is rediscovering colors across the world, the studio is abandoning its dual distribution strategy, which consisted of simultaneously unveiling these films on HBO Max and in theaters. It remains to be seen if the public will be there. Marvel has set the bar high with Spider-Man: No Way Home, a real hit in dark rooms around the world. Just as iconic as Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne has the shoulders to become an international success.

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