Up to date: download these free games, Windows 11 concentration mode and more

The PC platform has gradually become one of the favorites for millions of users around the world when it comes to playing their favorite titles. Current digital stores such as Steam or the Epic Games Store. Now that we name this second store, the one belonging to Epic Games, we are going to give you the news that right now you can download the free games to your library.

Get these two games for free right now

This is something that has been common for some time by the Epic Games Store, we mean the free game or games that you give away weekly. Well in this case until next Thursday we can enjoy and add to our library the titles Saints Row: The Third and Automachef.

We cannot forget that these games are offered for free for a limited time, so it is best that we download as soon as possible.

Windows 11 will help us focus while we work

We are a few weeks away from official launch of the new Microsoft operating system, we refer to Windows 11. Little by little we are getting to know the functions and characteristics that this software will bring hand in hand back in October. All this thanks to the trial versions downloaded by the firm’s Insiders. A few hours ago he just announced that some of these are receiving functionality that may be very interesting.

concentration assistant

Specifically, we refer to a concentration assistant that will prevent us and extract you while we work with Windows 11. We can activate and configure this directly from the integrated application of the System Clock.

Programs that we must update now

We are also going to talk to you here about the most recent updates of software that have just been released in the last few hours. And it is that keeping our programs updated at all times is important both at a functional and security level.

  • Caliber 5.26: the popular application for managing e-booksCaliber receives a new update with various bug fixes. At the same time, it comes to us with an improved dark mode so that we can work more comfortably. We can download the program from this link.
  • OpenShot Video Editor 2.6.0: Video editing lovers will surely know this interesting free and open source application. You have just reached version 2.6.0 with a multitude of new features that will delight most. To get hold of this program we will only have to download it from here.
  • SeaMonkey 2.53.9 – Users who prefer to use full suites for use in various functions related to Internet, as is precisely this case. SeaMonkey. It has been with us for a while offering a multitude of services all of them related to the online world and it has just received a new update that we recommend you download from this link.
  • Revo Uninstaller Free 2.3.0: here we find one of the best known programs when it comes to completely uninstalling applications from our Windows computer. It works much more effectively than des built-in installer of the operating system, which is why many users use it all over the world. It has just been updated, improving its internal functioning and correcting various errors detected, you can download it from this link.

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