Update now: install Windows 11 for free without losing data

Previous steps before updating Windows

Before we start to see how to update, we remember that Windows 11 comes with very strict requirements. The most serious are the use of UEFI with Secure Boot and have a TPM 2.0 chip on the motherboard. If we do not meet these two requirements, we can forget about Windows 11, since we will not be able to update to it with either of these two methods. And forcing a fresh install on an unsupported PC, while possible, is fraught with problems.

If our computer is not compatible, there is little we can do. But, if we meet the requirements, before continuing we can perform a series of tasks that will help us make the update process more bearable and have a lower probability that an error appears and something goes wrong.

The first thing to do is make sure that Windows 10 is up to date with the latest cumulative patches. In addition, it is also important update drivers, since the latest versions that have been coming out in recent months have added compatibility with this new operating system.

There are programs, such as antivirus, that can cause problems when updating to a new version of Windows. Therefore, we must uninstall all antivirus other than Windows Defender. If we want, we can install it again once the installation of the new system is finished, although the truth is that Windows Defender offers us everything we need to be able to be safe without depending on other security programs. The same applies to any other program that makes changes to the system and may be prone to failure to update.

Finally, back up data more important ones will also help us so that, in case something goes wrong, we do not lose our data.

How to upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows Update

Microsoft plans to release the new version of its operating system through Windows Update, just like all the others. Thus, all users who want to install the operating system quickly and without complications will only have to look for new updates and click on the button «download and install»Which will appear as an optional update.

Optional upgrade Windows 11

For this update to appear, what we must do first is make sure that we have our Windows 10 updated to version 2004, 20H2 or 21H1 (preferably the latter) and all the updates, both security and optional, installed on the PC.

By clicking on the button to download and install Windows 11, the download of the new system will begin and our PC will be prepared for its installation. When ready, the computer will restart and follow the settings. We may need to complete the initial wizard by hand to finish configuring our OS.

Install Windows 11 - Step 34

At the end of the wizard, our Windows 11 will be ready. We can see the new desktop, the new general appearance and all the news that Microsoft has prepared for this operating system. And, in addition, all our data will be on the computer as we had it in Windows 10.

Force update if not available

As usual, Microsoft is not going to bring the new version of Windows to all users on day zero, but is planning a release in waves. And also, considering how big your new operating system is, these waves are very likely to be small and widely spread over time. Therefore, it is easy that this new operating system does not appear in Windows Update yet. And that does not mean that our PC is not compatible, but that the time has not come.

We can wait patiently for Windows 11 to arrive on our computer. But, if we don’t want to wait, we can force the update. Of course, under our responsibility. To do this, what we must do is go to the Windows 11 download section and download the tool provided by Microsoft, as in the case of Windows 10.

Download Windows 11 update wizard

This tool will allow us to update our computer to the new version of Windows before it reaches Windows Update. The only thing we are going to have to do is follow the update wizard, and it will check that our PC is compatible with the requirements of Windows 11, and the update process will begin.

Windows 11 update wizard

This process can take a long time, depending on the hardware of our PC. We must wait for it to finish, and complete (if requested) the initial wizard answering the questions that it does not ask.

We already have our Windows 11 installed. And we can start enjoying all the news and improvements.

How to go from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 11 for free

If we have not yet made the leap to Windows 10, for whatever reason, Microsoft will not allow us to update directly to the new Windows 11 as it did with its predecessor. However, we do not have to worry, since with a couple of intermediate steps we will be able to install the new operating system without problems. And, if our key is original, even keep the license to avoid having to pay again.

The only thing we have to do in that case is to update our operating system, whatever it is, to Windows 10. This can be done from Windows Update (since the update will surely appear), or by downloading the tool to update the PC for free from the Microsoft website.

Windows 10 version 2004 update wizard

This tool will allow us to download and install the latest version of the operating system on our PC. The update process is slow (it can take up to several hours), but, when finished, we will already have Windows 10 installed on the PC. And all our programs, files and other data on the PC will be intact, just as we had them in the previous version of the operating system.

From here, what we must do is follow the steps that we have seen previously to be able to download and install the new update to Windows 11. And, thus, be able to enjoy the improvements and news that Microsoft has prepared for us (which are not few ).

What to do after updating

If everything went well, we will have the new Microsoft operating system working. We can easily tell by looking at the taskbar, the rounded corners of the windows, and the new start menu. Now that we have made the leap to Windows 11, we can finish the installation with a series of basic tasks so that, from there, we can make the most of everything Microsoft has prepared for us.

  • Check for and install the latest updates as last minute bugs will be fixed.
  • Review the general configuration of Windows, and change the settings that we do not like.
  • Check that our programs, and data, are intact. If not, we have to pull backup.
  • Look for new versions of the PC drivers that, optimized for Windows 11, make the system work better.
  • Make sure that we have enough free space to continue using the PC normally. Otherwise, if we like Windows 11, we can erase the copy of Windows 10, freeing up to 30 GB of space, but preventing us from going back.
  • Customize the theme, background and other elements to our liking.
  • Remove unwanted programs that are installed by default in Windows 10, such as Microsoft Teams.

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