Update now your keyboard to play for less than 50 Euros

Trust Gaming GXT 835 Azor

The first option that we bring you is a simple mechanical keyboard that is also quite cheap. Trust is characterized by offering quality products at a fairly reasonable price. In addition, this complete keyboard is characterized by RGB lighting, in addition to other features focused on gaming.

As we said, this keyboard is full format, or what is the same, it has all the keys. In addition, it has three modes of RGB lighting that can be adjusted in brightness without the need for software, all from the same keyboard. The same for some is a very limited option, but for others it is indifferent, since they prefer the keyboard without lights.

Offer this keyboard Anti-Ghosting technology up to 8 keys simultaneously, which is fine. It is difficult to press many keys simultaneously, so we don’t need more. It also has the “game mode” function that allows you to enable and disable the Windows key present.

A very interesting option for casual players, being an economical and quite interesting solution.

SteelSeries Apex 3 TKL

Maybe you are looking for something different, a somewhat more compact keyboard, so that it does not take up as much space on your desk. SteelSeries offers us this keyboard which eliminates the numeric keypad part and, consequently, reduces the size of the keyboard. It is a more than interesting option, in addition to being from a very reputable brand within gaming peripherals.

This keyboard has silent switches, which seems to be from membrane type and not mechanical, although it is not detailed. These offer low friction and click sound due to their construction. In addition, according to SteelSeries, these switches have a life of more than 20 million keystrokes.

There are two interesting aspects to this keyboard. The first that offers resistance to liquid and dust splashes, to guarantee the durability of the product. On the other hand, the RGB of this keyboard can be managed by the PrismSync RGB software. This allows us to adjust and customize the lighting of our keyboard to the maximum.

A very good quality option that is difficult to find for a product with similar characteristics.

SteelSeries Apex 3 TKL

krom kluster

We are now going with an extremely compact keyboard and, in addition, that can work without cables. Krom presents us with this 60% format keyboard, eliminating a lot of keys such as the function keys, numeric keyboard and others, which are integrated into the letters. In addition, this keyboard can work wirelessly and connect to other devices, such as Android and iOS smartphones, for example.

This keyboard is characterized by making use of mechanical switchesof which not much else is said. We do not know the manufacturer of them and the type, since this information does not appear on the Krom website.

The keyboard andlBluetooth, being able to pair it with computers, smartphones and other devices without the need for cables. If we can use it without the need for cables, we understand that it integrates a battery. But, Krom not us He says on its website the battery capacity and neither the duration approximate of it.

The truth is, they do not make you want to buy this keyboard with so much important information missing.

krom kluster

Corsair K55 RGB PRO

Finally, we go with a full keyboard from a great manufacturer that adds several very interesting things. The first thing that catches our attention about this Corsair keyboard is that it integrates a wrist rest, something that gaming keyboards don’t usually have and should. In addition, it has dedicated multimedia keys and also has keys to create macros, something increasingly rare to see on modern keyboards.

This keyboard is characterized by offering membrane-type switches, from what we understand in the description. Corsair indicates that these are quiet, responsive, and very comfortable to the touch. This would tell us that they are not mechanical switches, also, Corsair only mounts Cherry MX switches, which are expensive, so it seems it is aiming for membrane type switches or similar.

This keyboard has many interesting elements. offers us resistance to liquids and dust, so if a drink is spilled on us, we shouldn’t have a problem. As we have highlighted, it has macro keys that we can customize by iCUE software. A program that, in addition, we can use to customize the RGB lighting of the system.

A highly recommended keyboard that you will surely enjoy for hours in your games.

Corsair K55 RGB PRO

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