Update your PS5 now to have voice chat on Discord and all these new features

PS5 update 7.00

After going through a beta phase, the new PS5 firmware 7.00 It comes in the form of an official update so that all users can update their console and get the new features that have been announced. The most notorious are the integration of the chat of discord and availability of TRV (Variable Refresh Rate) in the 1440p resolution. But there is much more, so keep reading and we will tell you about it.

Discord on PS5

It has become the game room par excellence for all gamers, so Sony has been forced to integrate Discord on its console so that players can continue talking with their contacts while they play. He discord voice chat it’s a feature that has served to unify players from all platforms, so considering that more and more games allow cross-platform play to all play together, it makes sense to offer such a feature.

PS5 players will now be able to join voice chat rooms created on Discord from the console menu. In addition, Discord users will be able to know what they are playing at that moment, so you only have to link your PlayStation Network account with your Discord account so that they are synchronized and everything works perfectly.

closer to your friends

PS5 update 7.00

Now you will be able to request screen sharing with a friend much faster, since a shortcut placed in the user’s profile will help you request remote viewing of the other person with a simple click. You’ll also be able to join the game in party chats and find out if any of your friends are playing the game you’re playing with the new “Playing Friends” window.

You will also now be able to define who can join and who can invite other players in multiplayer sessions that you have even created for supported games.

1440p with TRV (VRR)

PS5 update 7.00

Another highly anticipated novelty at the graphic configuration level was the possibility of activating the Variable Refresh Rate when we have a 1440p configuration. To take advantage of this feature, you’ll need a display with an HDMI 2.1 connection and a compatible game. You just have to access the console settings, enter the Screen and video section, and select «try 1440p output » under Video Output.

Backup and migration

Another of the functions that were not yet present in the system is that of saving data from one console to another. In the case of passing from a PS4 to a PS5you will now be able to migrate your save data more conveniently via the PlayStation Network cloud, although you will need a PlayStation Plus subscription to do so.

In the case of changing PS5, you can also transfer data from one PS5 to another thanks to the new file transfer wizard. In this new menu, you will be able to choose if you want to save user, application and game data and console settings. You can do it through the local network (WiFi or cable), so the transfer will not depend on the cloud.

Finally, update wireless controller

The title says it all. Update 7.00 includes the ability to update the Dual Sense without the need to plug the controller into the console with a USB-C cable. Goodness.

The new PS5 update 7.00 is already available for download, so the moment you turn on the console, it will be updated immediately.

Fountain: PlayStation Blog

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