Use Cases of Web Scraping of Real Estate Data in Business

Following a recent report by AMR, the global housing sector was nearly $28.917 tln in 2021 and is going to grow by almost 20 trillion by 2031. Such stats confirm a huge rivalry level in the specified field today. As a result, property companies strive to use any tool, allowing them to become more effective. Analysts, in turn, note web scraping real estate data among the most efficient ways to improve your housing business. But let’s clarify certain cases where you may use the specified approach.

Prediction of Upcoming Tendencies in the Property Industry

The collection of housing data online helps quickly process and sort loads of information. This allows business owners to analyze the property market, considering many more aspects than their rivals. Moreover, online info extraction bots may collect hidden statistics for you. By taking such data into account, entrepreneurs are able to make more accurate projections compared to their competitors.

How Helpful Is Using Web Scraping Real Estate Data in Forecasting?

Let’s take the example of real estate pricing in the USA during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Redfin states that in 2022, the cost of US property in huge cities was an average of 15% higher compared with 2021. And the prices are continuing to grow. Analysts explain such a trend because Americans started actively purchasing housing in the countryside in 2020-2021. This way, they could achieve the following goals:

  • reduce the risk of getting the COVID-19 infection from people around you, as there are many fewer citizens in small towns;
  • do business since some villages had an essentially lower number of restrictions related to the pandemic;
  • take walks sans any limitations, as cottages in the countryside usually have large private yards where you may roam freely.

Thus, property in metropolises became significantly cheaper during the lockdown but had started getting increasingly expensive since COVID-19 restrictions were canceled. Using web scraping software, you could detect American cities with the cheapest housing after the pandemic began and buy property there.

Furthermore, data extraction apps made by reputable developers (e.g., Nannostomus) allow for determining prospects’ current financial capabilities. Thus, you could research how much Americans were ready to pay for housing in certain cities after the COVID-19 pandemic ended. That enables one to assign the most favorable prices for the housing they sell. This way, real estate agencies raised property values by a whopping 48% in Austin and only 24% in New York.

Making Predictions Based on Social Media Comments

Forbes reports that about 4.9 billion people across the world use public networks today. Moreover, probably each realty agency proposing plenty of housing offers has a corporate social media account with numerous potential client comments. By collecting property data, you may easily obtain the opinions of millions of users of popular public networks about modern real estate. This way, entrepreneurs can precisely make housing market forecasts.

Effectiveness of Web Scraping of Real Estate Data When Renting Out Property

Let’s say one owns several cottages and a few flats. As any asset should generate profit, the owner decides to rent out the property they hold. But how does one not miscalculate if they have no business experience? The answer is data extraction software employment.

Web scraping may help gather information about the housing rent pricing your competitors propose. Additionally, you can mine info on how much prospects are ready to pay for apartment hiring. This way, the property owner can make clear takeouts about ongoing market pricing. As a result, it becomes much easier to assign your own rent-out prices.

Final Thoughts

Web scraping of real estate data can save time and essentially decrease corporate spending. Furthermore, online info extraction software usage allows property business holders to track current housing market tendencies and make exact predictions. You may get more detailed information about use cases of data extraction apps in the real estate business, for example, at

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